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8.7 1989



October 19, 2005





30.7 2014  Plutselig kommer Axel Hennie og Ingrid Bolsø Berdal rett bak oss..... tar Axel først i handa og sier et idiotisk GRATULERER og vi selfer.... så hilser jeg på Ingrid i samme ånd stakkar----- de må begge ha platåsko - for de rager KING KONG over meg.......Axel er hyggelig; "ha en god kveld videre"------ men jeg er starstruck indeed - ikke siden Greta Gynt i SOLDIERS`S THREE 1951 har nordmenn vært med i en MGM film(Ingrid var med i Hansel & Gretel også)......

 Translated from my diary, recorded on October 20, 2005 at 11:26
I think that both GOD and JUDY GARLAND smiled down at me yesterday and proclaimed "Let`s give this boy the time of his life..."

By the way, I`m having a ball at the moment, but as I went to town I had silent praires... "I had to see, meet and talk to her...."

As she entered the stage I was mad with ovation - We sat on the 4th row(wrong it was 3d - updated February 17 2008) - in the middle of the Oslo Concert Hall and watched LIZA MINNELLI. The last time I saw her was on April 13, 1989 with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr at the Ekeberg Hall.
The audience was genereally quite grown up, but WE ALL EXPLODED:)(:...... Young as old... we screamed our cheers... Carnegie Hall had come to the Oslo Concert Hall.
Liza... You ARE EVEN BETTER THAN EVER!!! And I`ve got 4 videoshots on my mobile as a testament of it(I`ve got ALL of Theme from New York, New York)...

When you introduced "Sailor Boys" I screamed out and you smiled down at me - you did that several times.... I just enjoyed you gal - my daughter hehehe - You wanted to sing a song from "Chicago"and I shouted out "All That Jazz"..... You smiled and said, "Not THAT 1...." Afterwards you gave me a smiling pointed finger hehehe...

Then you started to talk about Mama, that you were at Carnegie Hall in 1961, I yelled again and you said "Oh you got the album??????" - then told the story of how Mama(JUDY GARLAND) made you give a pair of shoes to the drummer(Bill LaVorgnia whom I also saw in 1989) who in fact you felt was ACE. "He`s the BEST and we`ll keep him in the family. AND I ALWAYS DID WHAT MY MAMA TOLD ME!!!"
Then you asked "Do you want MAYBE THIS TIME or THE WORLD GOES `ROUND?... With help I yelled for the first suggestion and GOT MY WILL:)(:...
After "New York" I run up on stage and shook your hand exstatically; you have soft, glorious hands my girl and the look and smile you gave me, likewise...
YOU WERE GRATEFUL for the cheering and shouting in front of you and finished the session with an a`capella version of I`LL BE SEEING YOU.

Afterwards we stood by the stagedoor and some 30 minutes later you did come out and I said "Thanks for a good show..." You replied "You were good too,... " "Did you see me???" The answer was a sarcastic/humerous "NO!" hahahahahahahahahahahaha

We took the first picture together and you took a paper out of my hands and wrote "LOVE LIZA"... You were so humble, good and nice.... MAMA WOULD HAVE BEEN PROUD:-)))

THANKS FOR MY BEST EXPERIENCE IN CONCERT EVER LIZA MINNELLI.... Indeed you are the king AND queen(a quatation from Theme from New York, New York)... I will dine on this for the rest of my life...

Journey to the Christmas Star(Reisen til Julestjernen) 1976 was a favorite growing up and when the occasion presented itself, I naturally took a selfie With Hanne Krogh.

Aksel Hennie was featured in the MGM film Hercules and I was there at the Oslo premiere - and voila - did an idiot remark - "Congratulations" - wow - am I 5 or what??? Hehe....

His Norwegian film, Hodejegerne - Headhunters - is of course included.

Liv Ullmann attended a summer Stock show I appeared in and was as sweet as can be.... 10 years later I partied a bit With Gene Anthony Ray - Leroy from the 1980 film Fame and the TV series... We had a Nice talk about MGM and later on he performed Fame in the nightclub ......

In the spring of 1996 I starred with the renowned Norwegian actor HELGE JORDAL in an episode from the sitcom MARTIN`S SPENNENDE REISE. It was called "Svart Katt" and enjoyed high ratings when it was screened during the Christmas season later that year... I played a sinister owner of a plant and even beat up Helge... The extras were suppose to apprehend me, but went a bit too far and planted some fists in my stomach and I fell to my knees behind the house and threw up hehe..... The director was no Ingmar Bergman and I stumbled with my lines because she insisted on me saying them quite unnatural... I argued and Helge helped me, but to no avail... On stage you can do whatever you damn please, but you have no authority in the cutting room... When I saw on TV, I almost threw up again - though friends and family quietly said nothing about it.... Needless to say; I didn`t get another job at the NRK..... hehe

1. Cabaret 1972 - Oscar, BAFTA & Golden Globe - David di Donatello Award for Best Foreign Actress
2. Forty Carats 1973 - Golden Globe Nomination
3. That`s Entertainment 1974
4. Reisen til Julestjernen 1976
5. New York New York 1977 - Golden Globe Nomination
6. A Bridge Too Far 1977
7. Høstsonaten 1978(Autumn Sonata) David di Donatello Award for Best Foreign Actress
8. Fame 1980
9. Arthur 1981 - Golden Globe Nomination
10. A Time to Live 1985 - Golden Globe
11. That`s Dancing! 1985
12. Rent-a-Cop 1987
13. Stepping Out 1991
14. Martins spennende reise 1996(TV series - episode; Svart katt)
15. Max Manus 2008
16. Sex and the City 2 2010
17. Hodejegerne 2011
18. Hercules 2014
19. Nobel 2016(TV series)

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