tirsdag 12. juni 2018

Fortidsminner fra min familie....

Jeg restaurerte disse bildene av min oldemor Maren Sibylle som ung....

 Hun døde 89 år gammel i 1972(mormor likeså og tante Många(Magnhild) ble 90-- rene timinga i den jentegjengen)...

Men over til oldemor....Husker kun øyeblikk med henne.... som feks at hun slo hodet i bilen til far da vi dro fra mormor engang.... samt at de på aldershjemmet hadde misforstått tiden når bryllupet til søs ble holdt 1971 og hun kom sent......

Ja alderen den alderen.... her er hun sammen med søs i hennes konfirmasjon 1967 - samt med mor og mormor... og her er hun med meg 1971 hehe...


Alle snakker om de kongelige.... Men jentene i MIN familie? Oh lalala------ ingen kan stå brud som dem - her er søs - j e g tror det var tante Många som uttalte at hun så ut som Grace Kelly den dagen 1971

Min oldefar BERNHARD Holt.
I februar 1909 dro han over til Canada og døde der juli 1909 bare 27 år gammel(matforgiftning).

Det var meningen at hans hustru Maren Sibylle, mormor(f 1904) og Magnhild(Många)(f. 1908) skulle komme etter, men hans bortgang satte en stopper for det....
Gifteringen han har på bildet sitter på min finger idag... den ble sendt tilbake til Norge etter han gikk bort-----

 mor 1936

 mor syv måneder gammel 1936
 16 måneder gammel med uidentifisert dame og Sandefjord kirke

mor kjære mor.... det er få som har min kjærlighet som deg....

 17 måneder med far Einar
 17 måneder gammel med fetter Bernhard og kusine Anne Marie

1939 med kusine Anne Marie og min morfar Einar

 Anne Marie og mor

 Anne Maries konfirmasjon 1946

 mor 1948

 Med sin beste venn i oppveksten - Jan - konfirmasjon 1951
 farfar Trygve Jahre(1913-1982) som liten og på 20-30-tallet

 Einar Karsten Stange(1910-1946) som liten.... jeg synes dattersønnen likner haha


mandag 28. mai 2018

The Films of Henning Sebastian Jahre

 Last update - June 17, 2018.

In English and Norwegian

  Featuring theatrical films from my lifetime with people I have met, seen live on stage or filmed in my neighborhood and hometown. Also includes "The Wave" because of our 1973 trip to Geiranger and fond memories of the Seven Sisters....

All my life I have been influenced by my father`s book of films - "Filmens stjerner" 1953.

I have made movie lists since the 70s, but lately I have just looked around my shoulder - and paid more attention to people I have met and films they have appeared in...

Needless to say.... The October 19, 2005 meeting with Liza Minnelli will forever stand out....

I have watched her shows, films and listened to her since the late 70s.....  Of course - I discovered her Mama in 1977-78 - a talent we will never ever see again.....  Imagine me meeting her daughter and being that close to Judy Garland`s DNA hehe....

Watching Liza and an ensemble star cast in the compilation musical "That`s Entertainment" on Swedish Television on the 1980 New Years Eve was a milestone....

My mother had written to MGM in the 50s and got Clark Gable`s autograph, but the studio`s 50`s aniversary celebration did indeed wake me up----

I have been a champion for that ailing studio ever since... And I have made countless compilations for almost 30 years now:-)

In 1999 I partied With Gene Anthony Ray - Leroy Johnson from the 1980 Fame and the 1982-1987 series.... I loved to talk MGM with him since he had worked there.... By this time in life he was flamboyant, in ill health and I must admit I neglected his kissing and advances,,,, I actually wiped the kissing off......  He was a great sport and performed the title song on stage at the "Elsker", Oslo, Norway....  His voice all gone and husky.....   But what I will always rememeber is his friendly behaviour and our talks about the old studio,,,,

In his note he writes "To Henning - Judy-Ville"... He was supposed to have written "Judy-Viv" as it is my drag name:-)

Moving back ten years.... I was in the chorus of the summer stock 60`s show "Summer in the City" in Sandefjord.... Many a great Norwegian artist came to see us - Jahn Teigen, Guri Schanke, Einar Schanke, Egil Monn Iversen, Øyvind Blunck and Liv Ullmann....

Mmmmmm Liv.....

During intermission I sought her out  and asked Liv for an autograph... She was as nice as can be, but one of my fellow chorus members - Reidun - was furious and called me an amateur.... as if I cared???

On a Wednesday, May 2006, I bought Journey to the Christmas Star(Reisen til Julestjernen 1976) With Hanne Krogh on dvd. As faith would have it.... I was on my way to the "Naken" after the purchase, in order to see a dragshow and indeed met Hanne.....   She was a guest performer and happily posed with me.... It will forever be my favorite Norwegian childrens film....

In 2014 Aksel Hennie and Ingrid Bolsø Berdal co-starred with Dwayne Johnson in the action epic Hercules.... Coming from MGM/Paramount - I was starry eyed indeed....

On Wednesday, July 30 2014, William Brovold and I had some food at the Friday`s close to Klingenberg,,,, As we were leaving Wills told me to look behind and there they came - Hennie and Berdal - on their way to the Norwegian opening of Hercules....  I turned 5 and congratulated them and took a selfie with Aksel.... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa felt like an idiot afterwards haha-----

But Greta Gynt 1916-2000 is the only Norwegian before them who appeared in an MGM movie.... (Soldiers Three 1951).

Moving to this year....   Imagine my surprise and delight when Ingrid Bolsø Berdal was cast as Sonja Wigert in the upcoming film The Spy.

She phoned me and we met on Tuesday, March 27 and talked shop..... and I mean that in the most posetive vein..... It was a great experience and several mails have beent sent....

So my dear reader.... It WAS about time that I made a personal list with choice people I have met...


Translated from my diary, recorded on October 20, 2005 at 11:26I think that both GOD and JUDY GARLAND smiled down at me yesterday and proclaimed "Let`s give this boy the time of his life..."

By the way, I`m having a ball at the moment, but as I went to town I had silent praires... "I had to see, meet and talk to her...."

As she entered the stage I was mad with ovation - We sat on the 4th row(wrong it was 3d - updated February 17 2008) - in the middle of the Oslo Concert Hall and watched LIZA MINNELLI. The last time I saw her was on April 13, 1989 with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr at the Ekeberg Hall.
The audience was genereally quite grown up, but WE ALL EXPLODED:)(:...... Young as old... we screamed our cheers... Carnegie Hall had come to the Oslo Concert Hall.
Liza... You ARE EVEN BETTER THAN EVER!!! And I`ve got 4 videoshots on my mobile as a testament of it(I`ve got ALL of Theme from New York, New York)...

When you introduced "Sailor Boys" I screamed out and you smiled down at me - you did that several times.... I just enjoyed you gal - my daughter hehehe - You wanted to sing a song from "Chicago"and I shouted out "All That Jazz"..... You smiled and said, "Not THAT 1...." Afterwards you gave me a smiling pointed finger hehehe...

Then you started to talk about Mama, that you were at Carnegie Hall in 1961, I yelled again and you said "Oh you got the album??????" - then told the story of how Mama(JUDY GARLAND) made you give a pair of shoes to the drummer(Bill LaVorgnia whom I also saw in 1989) who in fact you felt was ACE. "He`s the BEST and we`ll keep him in the family. AND I ALWAYS DID WHAT MY MAMA TOLD ME!!!"
Then you asked "Do you want MAYBE THIS TIME or THE WORLD GOES `ROUND?... With help I yelled for the first suggestion and GOT MY WILL:)(:...
After "New York" I run up on stage and shook your hand exstatically; you have soft, glorious hands my girl and the look and smile you gave me, likewise...
YOU WERE GRATEFUL for the cheering and shouting in front of you and finished the session with an a`capella version of I`LL BE SEEING YOU.

Afterwards we stood by the stagedoor and some 30 minutes later you did come out and I said "Thanks for a good show..." You replied "You were good too,... " "Did you see me???" The answer was a sarcastic/humerous "NO!" hahahahahahahahahahahaha

We took the first picture together and you took a paper out of my hands and wrote "LOVE LIZA"... You were so humble, good and nice.... MAMA WOULD HAVE BEEN PROUD:-)))

THANKS FOR MY BEST EXPERIENCE IN CONCERT EVER LIZA MINNELLI.... Indeed you are the king AND queen(a quatation from Theme from New York, New York)... I will dine on this for the rest of my life...


 Hotel Plaza & Posthuset fotografert lørdag 26. mai 2018. Begge bygninger har sentrale roller i "Skjelvet" 2018




 Ane Dahl Torp i "Skjelvet"



 Fame 1980

 With Ingrid Bolsø Berdal 2018


 With Aksel Hennie 2014

 Arthur 1981

 Gene Anthony Ray

 Sally Bowles in Cabaret 1972

 Atalanta in Hercules 2014

 Greetings from Gene Anthony Ray 1999

 With Hanne Krogh 2006

 Høstsonaten 1978

 Greetings from Liv Ullmann 1989


 In Oslo Spektrum on September 28, 1991

 my ticket

 Frank Sinatra, Betty Garrett, Jules Munshin, Ann Miller, Gene Kelly & Vera-Ellen in On The Town featured in That`s Entertainment III

Frank Sinatra as head narrator in That`s Entertainment 1974

 Frank & Gene Kelly in Anchors Aweigh featured in That`s Entertainment, Part 2 1976

Cabaret 1972

 Going to The Ultimate Event, Thursday, April 13, 1989

 Van Johnson, Liza Minnelli & Judy Garland in In The Good Old Summertime 1949/That`s Entertainment 1974

 Meeting the original Bess from Gershwin`s Porgy and Bess during the interval.... Anne Brown

 Gene Kelly & Liza Minnelli during the shooting of That`s Dancing 1985
 Gene, Jack Haley Jr,. Sammy Davis Jr and Ray Bolger during the shooting of That`s Dancing 1985

 New York New York 1977

 Rent-a-Cop 1987

 With Liza Minnelli 2005


 Liv Ullmann & Gene Kelly in 40 Carats 1973

 Gene Anthony Ray

 Ingrid Bergman

 Liv Ullmann & Ingrid Bergman in Autumn Sonata 1978




 Liza Minnelli 1949

 Liza Minnelli in Sex and the City 2 2010

 Knut Risan, Bente Børsum & Hanne Krogh in Journey to the Christmas Star 1976(Reisen til Julestjernen)


 Aksel Hennie as Geza Mott in Last Knights 2015



 Liv Ullmann & Laurence Olivier in A Bridge Too Far 1977

 Gene Kelly, Fred Asatire & Liza Minnelli during the shooting of That`s Entertainment 1974

 Robert DeNiro & Liza Minnelli in New York New York 1977

 Tomorrow Belongs To Me - from Cabaret 1972

 Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Dwayne Johnson, Reese Ritchie, Rufus Sewell, Aksel Hennie,

 Reese Ritchie, Joseph Fiennes, Rebecca Ferguson, Rufus Sewell, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Dwayne Johnson, Irina Shayk, John Hurt, Ian McShane, Aksel Hennie - Hercules 2014

 Ingrid at the Norwegian opening of Hercules

 At the Golden Circle with Lars Gunnar Okstad, his friend and Jan Thorsen -  Madonna`s Sticky Sweet Tour Concert, Tuesday, July 28. 2009 at the Valle Hovin, Oslo, Norway

 Fra dagboka 29 juli 2009
sendte denne smsèn 23:48 igår:
"begynte kl 9 og vi hadde ventet siden 5. Altfor mye staffasje og videoklipp, men når hun stod 20 meter fra oss: så vakker, gnistrende øyne, nydelig hud, vakre ben(tynn) og sprettrumpe. Men hun var for ofte i bakgrunnen på scenen. Men når hun rocka foran oss: helt nydelig. Men hun klarer seg ikke uten mange dansere og uten blir hun nøytral, lite interessant, Klarte i liten grad å holde interessen i oss...."
Dette var min første POPkonsert, utendørskonsert(OK så a-ha på Kalvøya 1988 - ikke helt detsamme)og vi stod i Golden Circle..... Det tok ikke av.... kun få klappet og hoppet og mot slutten måtte DRONNINGEN av pop appellere nettopp til det faktum..... Da hun ropte "are you having a good time Oslo" responerte mange av oss med et halvt gjennomført "jaaaaaaa....".....
Da hun hoppet hoppetau i begynnelsen begynte jeg å lure.... det virket så tamt..... av alt jeg har sett på video og dvd..... var dronningen et produkt av genial klipping og montasje??? Live var hun SØT..... SØT SØT SØT----- men dette var plankekjøring----- og kjedet hun seg til tider????
Ja hun er mor nå og stilen er blitt en annen.... Boka SEX(fra 1992 tror jeg) og slike ting is a thing of the past.....
*Men hun skulle fått oss i saggerus i 2 hele timer! DET klarte hun ikke!!!!



 Nicolaj Coster-Waldau

 Aksel Hennie

 Irina Shayk & Aksel Hennie - Hercules 2014

 Hercules and his comrades

 Gene Anthony Ray in Fame 1980

 Edward Albert, Deborah Raffin, Binnie Barnes & Liv Ullmann in 40 Carats 1973

 Dudley Moore, John Gielgud & Liza Minnelli in Arthur 1981
 At the Operahouse With my father 2008 - the Operahouse is featured in "The Quake" 2018


 Geiranger With Mama 1973



 Frognerparken, Blindern & Barcode photographed on October 11 2017. Schrøder photographed October 10, 2017


   New York New York 1977


Choice films starring these people

1. Cabaret 1972 - Oscar, BAFTA & Golden Globe - David di Donatello Award for Best Foreign Actress
2. Forty Carats 1973 - Golden Globe Nomination
3. That`s Entertainment 1974
4. Reisen til Julestjernen(Journey to the Christmas Star) 1976
5. That`s Entertainment, Part II 1976
6. New York New York 1977 - Golden Globe Nomination
7. A Bridge Too Far 1977
8. Høstsonaten 1978(Autumn Sonata) David di Donatello Award for Best Foreign Actress
9. Fame 1980
10. Arthur 1981 - Golden Globe Nomination
11. That`s Dancing! 1985
12. Rent-a-Cop 1987
13. Stepping Out 1991
14. That`s Entertainment III 1994
15. Evita 1996 - Golden Globe
16. Fritt vilt(Cold Prey) 2006 - Amanda
17. Fritt vilt 2(Cold Prey 2) 2008
18. Max Manus 2008 - Amanda
19. Sex and the City 2 2010
20. Hodejegerne(Headhunters) 2011 - Amanda nomination
21. Hercules 2014
22. Last Knights 2015
23. Bølgen(The Wave) 2015
24. The Snowman 2017
25. The Cloverfield Paradox 2018
26. Skjelvet(The Quake)2018

 With the programs for The Ultimate Event 1989 and The Diamond Jubilee Tour-tours 1991 - September 27, 2017