søndag 24. januar 2016

Mamie Van Doren celebrates her 85th Birthday on February 6

My dear Mamie Van Doren is celebrating her 85th birthday in the beginning of February - she defies time doesn`t she?:-)))

lørdag 23. januar 2016

Sally Kirkland wins Life Achivement Award

Back in 1987-88, the name of Sally Kirkland was not a household name for me - or was it to anyone? However, my teacher at the Skiringssal Folkehøyskole showed the 1987 ANNA to my drama class and I was spellbound!!

I for one will never forget her interplay with Paulina Porizkova, her audtion scenes or the heartbreaking last reels.... They look so very much like made in Eastern Europe, but they ...are not---- I even remember a fellow private in the military a year after this, heralding Sally and Paulina`s work.....

Norway has always welcomed indie films and this was no exception! Back in 2010 I made a tribute film to fellow Norwegian Thor Knai and was spellbound when the great Sally reached out and thanked me for the film---

I have always been a champion for Norwegians in foreign films and Thor is no exception.... However this is Sally`s moment and though images from JFK, Coming Apart and EdTV lingers on------ the core and the heart remains with ANNA.....

To me Sally`s performance is right there with Vivien`s Scarlett and Blanche, Bette`s Margo, Ingrid`s Charlotte, Meryl`s Sophie, Jessica`s Frances, Liza`s Sally Bowles, Judy`s Bille(Born Yesterday) and another Judy as Dorothy.... Not to mention Marion Cotillard as Piaf or Falconetti as Joan of Arc 1928....

She made a character that will never be forgotten and in addition she has time and again proven to be a TRUE FB friend...one of my few that I have never met...

But her soul has shone through the internet and that soul is definately one that is the core of the indie films:-)))

I congratulate you with this award and you for one gave yourself to the world of the movie making magic:))

Thank you for your contribution to the world of entertainment.....

We all thank you my dearest Sally Kirkland:-)))

Love Henning Sebastian Jahre:-)
Sally Kirkland thank youhenning. i just read all your beautiful words. you touch my soul so.thank you for your seemingly unconditional loving.....you make me feel wonderful. my god putting me with all those actresses. no one's ever done that before.i bow before you.