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JUDY GARLAND 1922-1969 - Henning Sebastian Jahre`s thoughts and reviews of her

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Henning Sebastian Jahre "Judy-Viv"

.. with an all-star cast. The plot is not new(Stage Door, How to Marry a Millionaire and Valley of the Dolls to mention but a few), but Judy, Hedy and Lana do an admirable job. Never mind highbrow critcs; Hedy Lamarr wasn`t THAT bad and Lana does one of her best acting jobs ever. Judy is a tomboy and it`s sad that life eventually took her into the direction of Lana`s character Sheila. The musical numbers are good, but sadly; footage from THE GREAT ZIEGFELD are edited in(note the finale). James Stewart are good as well - as are Edvard Everett Horton, Charles Winninger and Eve Arden. The film is filled with good 1-liners and there are even echoes of Garbo`s first sound-entrance in ANNA CHRISTIE.

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Fra venstre: Faye Emerson, Sonja Henie, Edith Piaf, Judy Garland og Ginger Rogers.
For de av dere som ikke kjenner til noen av disse navnene, kan jeg gi dere en kort gjennomgang, slik at dere blir kjent med dem.
. Sonja Henie var en norsk multitalent nærmest uten like, før eller siden. Som barn var hun eksepsjonelt dyktig innenfor kunstløp, og hun vant mange olympiske medaljer som ungdom og ung voksen. Da hun la skøytene på hylla, satset hun på en filmkarriere i USA, noe som førte til at hun ble enormt populær der borte. Edith Piaf burde vel egentlig ikke trenge noen introduksjon. Chanteuse av ypperste klasse og fransk nasjonalikon. Hennes stemme er så full av smerte og ekte lidenskap at man ikke kan unngå å føle det når hun synger. Judy Garland er i mine øyne tidenes sweetheart. Hun var et megatalent innenfor musikk og film allerede i ung alder, og gledet mange i løpet av sin karriere. Ginger Rogers var den ene halvparten i tidenes kanskje mest kjente dansepar. Den andre var selvfølgelig Fred Astaire. I tillegg hadde Ginger en ganske suksessrik musikk og film - karriere. For en fantastisk gjeng!
"Toto! I don`t THINK we`re in Kansas ANYMORE" hehe - collage(C)(P)201003. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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Henning Sebastian Jahre "Judy-Viv"

Never mind other books on the subject, including Lorna Luft`s "Me and My Shadows - living with the legacy of Judy Garland"... THIS IS IT! This is the definitive biography. The detail is amazing and Gerald Frank is by far the only one who has captured Judy the woman and not ONLY the star. John Fricke`s "The World`s Greatest Entertainer" is good, but a tribute to a star, up there somewhere..... It`s written by a fan and good as it is, it sadly looks perspective. This must NEVER be out of print and belongs to every library in the world. Indeed, I thought I knew evrything about Judy(I`ve been a fan since 1977), but THIS book is filling in holes I NEVER KNEW EXCISTED! Thanks a LOT, Gerald Frank:-) This book i s of Pulitzer Prize calibre, although I realise a biography will never be given that honour...

The Judy Garland Show Collection, Vol. 2

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I've got it in the bank..., January 30, 2006

Yes I do... I had to buy it twice so that I have it in the house as well. JUDY GARLAND 1962-1964 is the best Judy ..... Need I say more???? She remains a working experience.... she is true.... her soul is true.... her vulrability is true... The human soul never changes... and that`s why JUDY GARLAND always will find fans worldwide.... I saw Liza live on October 19 2005 in Oslo. She was magnificent and we met briefly after the show... You can see a photo of us in my profile... How proud you would have been of her Judy..... Bless you Judy... You gave us your talent AND a God-gifted daughter. THANK YOU:-)


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A SATIRICAL MUSICAL, September 30, 2003

This is NOT the average musical u might expect from this era. It is a swashbuckling spoof of Douglas Fairbanks Sr, Errol Flynn and their pirate adventures.
BUT it is more. It shows us Manuela(Garland) who enters womanhood and lust for sex and roughesss. YES - strong stuff in 1948. Indeed the musical sequence Vodoo was deleted from the film(Mayer ordered it burned and screamed out "We`ll be raided by the police" when he saw the rushes and reprimanded Kelly severely). Apparently is was a dance-sequence that builded up sexual heat hehehe.
Judy, Gene, Slezak and Cooper are ALL in excellent stage farce form. Gene`s dance displays are on a sensual high - and many has commented 2 me that they identify themselves with Manuela on the brink of sexual discovery...
The score is by Cole Porter(OK) but the scenic design and direction by the color master VINCENTE MINNELLI. It was his last with Judy before they divorced in 1951.
In The Good Old Summertime

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JUDY`S BEST COMIC EFFORT, September 28, 2003

This is a must for Judy Garland-fans. Judy turn in a Judy Holliday-like performance of Oscar material. This is not an Arthur Freed production(she had just come home from a sanitarium after the ANNIE GET YOUR GUN dismissal), but an Joe Pasternak Production.
No wonder Judy looks relaxed, warm and confident in the film. She was away from the Freed unit...Van Johnson is a good co-star - yeah they all are:-))))))))
Indeed, MGM`s mogul Louis B. Mayer brought in Pasternak and wondred how they made the film without a single delay on Garland`s part. "We treated her with respect" was the answer...
It is a good film AND SHOULD always be on TV-Christmas scheduals

Summer Stock

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GET HAPPY..., September 28, 2003

This is the last film Judy did for Metro...
Sadly it is an echo of the Mickey/Judy films of 1939-1943 of putting on a show at high speed...
Still, Gene and Judy turn in good performances and the finale isall to much over-looked in retrospective clips. GET HAPPY stands out - it is a hint of the greatness Garland would achive on stage and TV in years 2 come...
Unlike other musical stars, Judy gives a performance of nuance and depth - quite unlike ALL OTHER musical stars of her era.

Judy Garland: Beyond the Rainbow
by Sheridan Morley

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My opinion of this book? LET THERE BE SILENCE!!!, September 8, 2002

I have worshipped Judy 4 25-26 years! Her legacy is astounding - and she continues 2 enrich my life!
This book(I WON`T EVEN MENTION THE WRITERS NAMES) is like dancing or spitting on Judy`s grave. There are 2 many numerous faults - in this book - worth mentioning....
The photographs are good, but years and their origins are 2 often wrong....
Please! If I were the publisher I would withdraw it from circulation. Liza, Lorna, Joey and Sid have plenty AMMUNATION for a lawsuit....
This book makes me cry! The authors HAVE NO SYMPATHY for its subject whatsover....
If u wanna read how CRUEL persons can be 2 other people; READ THIS TRAVESTY....

Judy Garland: World's Greatest Entertainer
by John Fricke

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THE BOOK HAS NO PEERS, April 9, 2003

I bought it during Christmas in 1992... And u know what; It`s the definitive book on Judy!!! It really is an open love-letter 2 the Great 1 From 1 Of Her Fans.... At times u might say that John Fricke is glorifying Judy - but I don`t mind... It`s the kind of book u would want if u were on a desert island(with the CD`s "Judy at Carnegie Hall", "The London Sessions" and the "25th Retrospective"(compiled by Fricke) and the films "The Wizard Of Oz", "Meet Me in St. Louis", "The Pirate", "Easter Parade", "In the Good Old Summertime", "Summer Stock", "A Star is Born"(just 4 the musical scenes) and "I Could Go On Singing" - her BEST dramatic performance!! And The DVD collection of her 1963-64 TV-series...
Come 2 think of it... With THIS book and her music and films... I THINK I wouldn`t have noticed the palms, animals and ocean surrounding me on that island hehehehe

Easter Parade

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Because of the broken legs of Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly, Ann Miller and Fred Astaire(out of a two-year retirement)starred with the great JUDY GARLAND in this musical. It`s a great show and it is on a standard formula. Many of the ingredients were used in similar films; "Singin`in the Rain" were they d o include a fashion show, only one composer(Ok 2 - Nacio Herb Brown/Arthur Freed), singing in the rain, a bitchy lead replaced by a plain-Jane ingenue... The most funny thing however is that when I watched DIRTY DANCING in 1987, the female character was called "Baby Frances" by her family(as was Judy was by her own family) and the plot was stolen from Easter Parade. But this is EASTER PARADE. The only team-work of Garland-Astaire - great Irving Berlin songs(indeed he only agreed 2 let the picture be shot if Judy was involved). Vincente Minnelli was first choice as director until Judy`s psychiatrist insisted the studio replace him, fearful she might see husband-director Minnelli as a shadow respresenting her problems with the studio MGM. The song Mr Monotoni was cut from the film(Garland wearing the Get Happy costume later in the 1950 SUMMER STOCK)but is seen in THAT`S ENTERTAINMENT III 1994. EASTER PARADE is a joyful package of entertainment, forever cherished... What is most a revelation is that JUDY GARLAND delivers a Hanna Brown of flesh and blood - not a musical-comedy-cartoon. But that`s the great Judy for u...

The Wizard of Oz

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Yes, fans of Judy Garland have always been quarreling over the best Garland. The contenders are this film, Minnelli`s MEET MEIN ST. LOUIS 44 and Cukor`s A STAR IS BORN 54.
This DVD is a real treat. The docu is a feast, especially when Judy and the rest of the cast tell their recollections of making the picture. There are questions asked why they cut the film, but from watching the deleted scenes(or what`s left of it)it was a wise move.
JUDY GARLAND sparkles as Dorothy Gale and successfully creates a charafter of flesh and blood. Thanks 2 her voice, charisma, talent and good production values this is the 2nd Victor Fleming film that will be a testement that the art of moviemaking indeeeeeeeeeeed can be high-art of timess appeal.

Me and My Shadows: A Family Memoir
by Lorna Luft

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I have been a dedicated fan of Judy Garland since(about)1977. I have grown 2 love her music, her voice and her persona. Likewise I have have a deep affection for Liza, especially since I saw her with Frank and Sammy - "The Ultimate Event" Ekeberghallen 1989. However.
This is a trashy account by Judy`s lesser known daughter Lorna Luft from her marriage 2 Sid Luft. Lorna continually says that she loves her mother and doesn`t "want to add what people has written about her". But Judy Garland gets the trash-treatment from her daughter and so does Liza later in the book. It is easy to protect the remaining parent(Sid Luft) but Lorna`s portrayel of her father is at times TOOOOO GOODYGOODY... Right, I do believe her stories of Mama. But did W E need 2 hear`em? The book SADLY lacks dates, years and CD`lists of the items mentioned here. Poor Lorna wannabe: The book is filled with photos of celebreties and her("me and......") I`m not finished. She trashes her ex, Jake; LORNA: Ure children might not like this.... Their father is still alive. How can they respect him - AAAAAAAAND u after this treatment? Brothers Johnny(2 times) and Joseph Wiley are hardly mentioned - Joe almost not at all after Judy`s passing. The big ending is on the back of the hardcover that carrying a quote supposedly said by Mama:
"Lorna has more talent than any of us".
After seeing her in concert and in "Grease 2" I couldn`t have laughed more. I agree with another reviewer here: PATCH THINGS UP WITH URE SISTER. WHO A U 2 JUDGE?

I Could Go on Singing

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JUDY`S SWANSONG, June 19, 2000

I COULD GO ON SINGING(1963) became Judy Garland`s final film. She was about co-star with Sharon Tate, Patty Duke and Barbara Parkins in the over-the-top VALLEY OF THE DOLLS(1967), but walked out when she realised it would be all but a good movie. Susan Hayward replaced her in a role that was too much near the Garland legend. In I COULD GO ON SINGING Judy portrayes a famous concert-singer very much like herself and though it isn`t self parody she seems 2 play herself. We, her fans, knows s o much about her that it is quite obvious that she just do that. But you`ll se JUDY in glowing Technicolor close-ups. Sure she looks worn out, but they really should have removed the words CHARISMA out of the English dictionary when she passed away. She WAS and IS charisma. Who else remains a WORKING EXPERIENCE over 30 years after her death? In this film she gives a study of how to play a wordly ageing star, desperately in need for love and protection. And the weapons she use are not very favourable. But she IS beliveable and her numbers outstanding. She doesn`t need the old production values of Metro past; her gifts are hers - and hers alone. What that kid DID and DOES is the best SINGING you`ll ever hear from an entertainer. Indeed, the agent in the film played by Jack Klugman, make similar referances. Thanks 2 films, CD`s and TV-shows we are blessed with a monumental legacy. Yes indeed; She GOES ON SINGING. With her here is the great talent of Dirk Bogarde of THE SERVANT fame. Their confrontation scene was written with their co-operation and it should be watched by EVERY drama class.

A Star Is Born

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You`ll relish the majestic opening credits of this film. The music is good.
George Cukor got overacting from his cast. It`s the same thing that happened on the GONE WITH THE WIND set. Seeing Vivien Leigh in the docu "The Making of a Legend" you`ll see a theatrical performance, not the Scarlett Victor Fleming gave us after replacing Cukor 2 weeks after the production started. Indeed, it is the same case here. All good actors, but they are not the least helped by an old warhouse of a script, based on the "What Price Hollywood"(1932)directed by GEORGE CUKOR. In addition, they are overacting. Witness Judy`s breakdowns in front of Charles Bickford in the dressingroom and the key scene in which she decides to retire in order to take care of Norman Maine(James Mason). Judy`s musical numbers are the highlights of this film. Judy really looks 2 old for a part who screams for a twentysomething of an actress. Another failure is the opening of the film. It`s clear where the Academy Award footage ends and where the original film footage begins and vice verca. It is not however a FAILURE. It is a competent production, but quite uneven. It you are to see Judy in good dramatic turns why not try A CHILD IS WAITING or even better; I COULD GO ON SINGING. And mind you. I have been a Judy Garland fan since I was 10 years old(32 now)......

A Child Is Waiting

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John Cassavetes died in 1989 after leaving us with a handful of films( - far from flawless - but off off off beat the Hollywood mainstream, notably THE HUSABANDS which inspired Anja Breien`s WIVES in 1975). Here he`s in the beginning of his career, directing his wife Gena Rowlands but also Hollywood greats JUDY GARLAND and BURT LANCASTER in a film about mentally handicapped children. Only lead-actor Bruce Ritchey is a regular "player" and not one of the institutionalised... The film works pretty well on several levels; It critisise old-fashioned ideas and ways of how 2 treat the ones that are not q u i t e like everyone else. It summons up of how parents may react when they do have a child that is not "normal" and their grief when they realise this... It is NOT a film that is easy 2 swallow, but A CHILD IS WAITING and its kind are important as a critical comment to our society. Judy, Burt, Bruce, Gena and Steven Hill(watch his confrontation scene with Christine Lahti in RUNNING ON EMPTY, as River Phoenix`s grandpa) are all great. Judy is wonderfully low-key in this film. But don`t expect the usual Judy musical or drama. This film stands out as much more important... It was producer Stanley Kramer who wanted Judy for this film after her cameo appearance as Irene Hoffman in his impressive all-star JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG. As Jean Hansen, in this film, it is her best all-dramatic effort.

The Letter

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What a pity..., July 9, 2007

...because Judy`s voice is at the vocal best and the project must have been seen as an intertesting 1... But it turns out to be nothing short but low-trash 50`s saccharine idiotic romance.... It feels like its premises has been stolen by a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaal bad pulp fiction.... This is not(with The Harvey Girls)a Judy Garland project I will include in my collection of her....

Judy At Carnegie Hall: Fortieth Anniversary Edition

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She died at 47... she could easily have won 47 stars for this:-), July 9, 2007

THIS IS JUDY GARLAND at her best. It was the first cd I bought on March 30 1988(not all songs included however) and it has never been far from my reach... In 1992 I finally got the two-disc album and now own the complete concert... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm:-)))) I have yet to come over a person who is indifferent to this recording. It is as if God himself smiled down on Frances Ethel turned Judy and gave her and US the greatest live recording ever made.... In 2005 I saw Liza Minnelli in Oslo(3d row) and I was hysterical... She gladly acknowledged me and introduced Bill LaVorgnia who turned out to be Judy`s drummer that night in 1961. She said something like this: "Mama, the drum section is truly great tonight. Judy: Yes, do you see the drummer?...Yes I do... Judy: Well, give him his slippers(as I have been asked to do by Mama) and we`ll keep him in the family. And I ALWAYS DID WHAT MY MAMA TOLD ME TO DO!" I yelled and clapped and she looked at me and asked "Oh - you got the album??" I shouted a great "YES" and she smiled that incredeable smile of hers to me... Later that evening we met and we were photographed together(you can see us in my profile) and she signed a paper from my hand - "Love Liza"... TWO SHOW BUSINESS GREATS........ I think Judy and the Master himself smiled down at ME that night and gave ME a Carnegie Hall experience, cause Liza is getting BETTER AND BETTER as well:-)


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Judy`s voice.... the great orchestrations by Gordon Jenkins, the ahead-of-its-time mood makes this a mindblower.... This is the best studio Garland-album of the 50s..... It is as if she penitrates the brain and makes you suffer with her.... DON`T LISTEN TO THIS WITH A HEART-ACHE.... Ok u have been warned:-)))
Most recent commentMost of the pictures below are from "The Judy Room" - do visit it - it`s one of the best websites about the legendary Judy Garland . 1958.... With Lorna and Joseph Wiley "Joe/Joey"

Lorna, Sid Luft, Joey, Judy & Liza


Vincente, Liza & Judy


Copenhagen 1969.... three months later... she was gone..

1966... Judy and Ethel

Ethel Merman, Mae West and Judy in the 50s
With Charlton Heston, Eartha Kitt and Marlon Brando

With Liza

Judy and Joey

Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift backstage at the Palace... Judy was not a champion of Taylor - and in the 60s went on and critized Miss Taylor on national TV... it should be noted however, that Judy was in a terrible shape mentally and should never have been put on public display...

Vincente and Judy marries... 1945

Joan Crawford, Judy & Jane Wyman mid-5os

Judy Garland & Sonja Henie ca 1951

Who I C? June Haver, Sonja Henie, Edith Piaf, Judy Garland & Ginger Rogers ca 1951

JUDY GARLAND(1922-1969)(France s Ethel Gumm) was and I S the greatest entertainer in showbusiness. Anyone. ANYONE who knows anything about stagepresence, charisma, humour, timing, dancing, acting and singing JUST HAVE 2 ADMIT. Judy Garland was and is the greatest. She never needed big production values: Her talent was hers and hers alone. She only had 2 sing a song and people were spellbound. She sold her songs with her big brown eyes, trembling lips and her husky melancholic voice that NEVER at any time was MELODRAMATIC.She was true and that`s why she still today manages us 2 make us cry - because she was real and touched the human soul. And the human soul is eternal. And when that voice touches u, it sets your emotions at work. U have 2 be dead not 2 be taken or touched by JUDY GARLAND. She had sensational survival instincts. She rose from more ashes than many of us does in 15 lives. And she gave her life and talent 2 us.

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