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SONJA HENIE in SUN VALLEY SERENADE 1941 by Henning Sebastian Jahre





Sun Valley Serenade
by me

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SONJA`S BEST, July 13, 2004

This is remembered primarely because of the excellent music of Glenn Miller. He was to do only another film, Orchestra Wife, before being killed in a planecrash. However; by the early 40s, Sonja Henie had developed into a good comedienne and this is her best - as a dumb, simpleminded blonde. Her timing is impeccable as is her delivery of dialogue... As if that isn`t enough; the supporting cast includes great efforts by The Nicholas Brothers, Dorothy Dandrige(then married to 1 of the N. Brothers and with whom she gave birth 2 a multihandicapped daughter), Milton Berle, Lynn Bari(singing voice dubbed) and John Payne as Sonja`s loveinterest.
It`s 1 of the best musicals ever made, though Sonja`s skating in this 1 is not her best.

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