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VIVIEN LEIGH 1913-1967 - Henning Sebastian Jahre`s thoughts and reviews of her


Vivien starred with Warren Beatty...

many pictures are from the excellent site

Scarlett and Rhett(Clark Gable)

Vivien with her Oscar for Scarlett in 1940... In 1952 she received her second Best Actress Oscar for Blanche but let Greer Garson accept it on her behalf. She did hear it on the radio during the intermission of Antony and Cleopatra/Caesar and Cleopatra 1952 in New York with Larry...

That Hamilton Woman 1941.... ten years would pass by before Vivien returned to Hollywood and "A Streetcar Named Desire"

Caesar and Cleoptra 1945 - with Flora Robson as Ftatateeta

Larry and Vivien as Romeo and Juliet

Vivien`s Cleopatra is among her finest cinematic work..... Claude Rains as her Caesar.... CAESAR AND CLEOPATEA 1945

Vivien Leigh and I on November 4, 2002. Collage(C)(P)2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Kenneth More and Vivien in THE DEEP BLUE SEA 1955

Waterloo Bridge 1940 - it was both Vivien and Robert Taylor`s favorite among their own films

Romeo and Juliet 1940

Antigone 1949

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It`s Vivien`s film, February 27, 2005
Henning Sebastian Jahre "Judy-Viv"

This is the only picture directed by the renowned stagedirector Jose Quintero. And the reason is obvious. It has striking moments, but fails as a whole. VIVIEN LEIGH in her next to last role, shines in her undrplaying and is strongly supported by Warren Beatty(called Warren Beauty by Arlene Dahl), Lotte Lenya, Jill St. John and Ernst Thesiger(who appeared with Vivien in CAEASAR AND CLEOPATRA). The film is routine, but the story and performances save the day
A Streetcar Named Desire (Original Director's Version)

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In 1950, prodicer Charles Feldman brought Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando together in order to repeat their theatre-successes(she in London - him on Broadway) og Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski.
It became a landmark film.
It is a fascinating study of old-timer classical actress Leigh - versus the method prince Brando. THEY ARE DYNAMITE together and the film remains as powerful as it was in 1951.
Elia Kazan remained not ON MY SIDE however and claimed she had a small talent, but would have walked on broken glass if she thought it would have helped her career.
However; the so-called purists have always been sceptical about the combination of beauty AND talent.
A credit to Vivien Leigh: Like all her post-Scarlett-roles; her Blanche is a character made by Leigh and totally unlike Vivien`s other performances.

Waterloo Bridge

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Vivien Leigh proved that her success as Scarlett O`Hara was no fluke. She gives a stunning performance as the shy and innocent ballet dancer Myra Lester. MGM gives the product a lush and style and it is the definitive version of the play.
It is the PERFECT film for two people in love:-))))))))))))

Ship of Fools (B&W)

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Vivien`s last film. but 1 of her best:)(:, September 29, 2003

SHIP OF FOOLS is the swansong of Vivien Leigh. She was to die 2 years later of TB at the age of 53.
As Mary Treadwell Vivien gives a tour de force of a performance... of a lonely middleaged woman - who drinks - and doesn`t like the age she has entered...
The title says it all. You`ll c all kinds of "fools" in this film, though not homosexuals(Ok, 1 scene maybe - the doctor and the captain).... All other minoroties are represented...
Vivien`s role is relatively small and is equalled in brilliance by Simone Signoret, Oskar Werner, Jose Ferrer, Lee Marvin and Alf Kjellin.
It is a great film, never to be missed:-)

That Hamilton Woman

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Emma and Vivien much alike, July 12, 2004

They both died in their early 50s and indeed supported tirelessly their men(Nelson & Olivier). Because of their women; they became Lords... Vivien Leigh is really playing herself in this Korda-production(made as propaganda in order 2 get the States involved here in the Europeen-conflict)... When u read Vivien`s letters(as u can in the biography by Hugo Vickers) you`ll see that Vivien`s Emma is a variation of herself... Vivien Leigh is the all-time-great-actress from a bygone era - don`t miss this film - their only film together as a married couple. Vivien set aside; the film offers a lot in dialogue, photography, performances, set design and music. Winston Churchill(his favorite movie) tortured his visitors who had to sit through it on more than 1 occasion hehehe.


Gone with the Wind

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David O. Selznick bought Margaret Mitchell`s only novel and kept a circus going in the search for the heroine, Scarlett O`Hara(originally named Patsy by her author). There were several contenders; Bette Davis, Paulette Goddard, Joan Bennett, Tallulah Bankhead, Lana Turner and Katharine Hepburn. Early suggestions for Rhett Butler were Gary Cooper and Ronald Colman. As for Rhett the American public would hear of no one else but Clark Gable, fresh from hits such as It Happened One Night 1934-Oscar, Mutiny on the Bounty 1935, San Francisco 1936, Saratoga 1937 and Test Pilot 1938. David O, Selznick had to bite the sour apple(MGM, major studio) and borrow Gable. MGM agreed and joined the venture of the production since Selznick`s money dried out. Meanwhile Laurence Olivier filmed Wuthering Heights for Goldwyn and his girlfriend Vivien Leigh visited the set. Back in Britain all knew of Vivien`s obsession with the Scarlett role but none thought the unknown actress with only minor screen achivements would have a go. Vivien signed with Myron, Seznick`s agent brother and got herself a screentest. The result was stunning. It showed a fiery personality and a most wonderful magical face. She was signed in the Christmas week of 1938. In the late 30s letters from all over the world found themselves into the Selznick office with suggestions for the part. A man from New Zealand was the only one who mentioned Vivien. Thanks to a perfectionist of a producer(he had Victor Fleming, George Cukor, Sam Wood, William Cameron Menzies and Reeves Eason at the director`s chair - Fleming doing the most and winning the Oscar), Selznick always intended it as a PRODUCER`s film(indeed the opening credits says - DAVID O. SELZNICK`S PRODUCTION OF MARGARET MITCHELL`S STORY OF THE OLD SOUTH) - and his PERFECT casting of VIVIEN LEIGH - together with good production values make this film an all-time-great. It was the only film who was revived successfully for forty years in the cinema. The success of casting VIVIEN LEIGH was no fluke; all her subsequent but few filmroles gave the audiences an actress who gave each and every role another interpretation. Other great Vivien Leigh parts include CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA, Mary Treadwell in SHIP OF FOOLS, Blanche DuBois in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, Myra Lester in WATERLOO BRIDGE and Emma in THAT HAMILTON WOMAN - UK title: Lady Hamilton.

Vivien Leigh - Scarlett and Beyond

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Vivien Leigh died at the early age of 53 and while she was alive was quite often overshadowed by critics because of her beauty and the presence of her husband for 20 years, Laurence Olivier. Fellow artists name her stage Cleopatras(Shakespeare and Shaw) the very best they saw, as with her Lady Macbeth in the production of Macbeth in 1955 co-starring Olivier and directed by John Gielgud. Gielgud: "It`s a thousand pities that it wasn`t filmed"(Producers Korda and Mike Todd both died and Rank wouldn`t back it because of poor returnings after Olivier`s RICHARD III). Vivien also starred in the color film THE DEEP BLUE SEA(1955) with Kenneth More, directed by Anatole Litvak. Some critics suggest it was a good film and one of her very best interpretations. What I would like 2 say is this that this documentary doesn`t give her enough credit. It seems 2 take 2 much time 2 just make a summary of her life. Her involvement with Peter Finch and her mental collapse during ELEPHANT WALK is not mentioned at all. We who love her know it was much more 2 her than a quick rise to stardom(Scarlett)only to slip a few years later as a sick person and Lady Olivier. What many people seem 2 forget is that Laurence Olivier wasn`t doing that much of a career when he met a young Vivien Leigh. I believe it was Vivien`s manic mental state that made him climb the walls in creativity and make such a great career on stage and screen. When they parted in 1960 he became just another actor with his glories left in the past. Yes he was good 2 Vivien professionalwize, but Vivien was also very good 2 him. She kept him on the edge and was a far brighter person than him. She used herself as a wip 2 him and contnually supprorted him. Indeed she went back 2 Britain with him after THAT HAMILTON WOMAN and always made him the centre of her attention. Destructive things?, OK. But this was the case. Seeing Vivien Leigh in her films from 1939 and on is always a raveshing experience. Unless 1 counts ANNA KARENINA. It`s sad 2 see a sick woman in that 1(her energies all gone - u can read my review on it) JESSICA is a good hostess, but it should have been better researched

Caesar & Cleopatra

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In 1945, Gabriel Pascal produced and directed the filmversion of George Bernard Shaw`s CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA, his witty and wordy play. The casting of VIVIEN LEIGH was a successful one, although critics dissected both her and the film with the writer`s approval(Shaw to Pascal: "She`s all wrong. Must I drill her in diction?") Vivien suffered a miscarriage after falling beating the slave and suffered from her first attacks of manic depressions. Tubercoloses was shortly afterwards also diagnosed. However; the production was Britain`s most expensive failure, as Taylor`s CLEOPATRA in 63 - the Worlds greatest financial failure for 20th Century-Fox. VIVIEN LEIGH is at her best playing a kittenish girl who must transform into a reigning queen. Naturally, Leigh does it with great style. Look for Vivien`s look-alike Jean Simmons playing the harp in Vivien`s confrontation scene with her women slaves. No wonder Olivier chose Simmons for his Ophelia i Hamlet 1948. Roger Moore is holding a spear somewhere and Kay Kendall one of the slaves.
Poster from the little seen movie, THE DEEP BLUE SEA 1955

Ship of Fools 1965

As Emma, Lady Hamilton

That Hamilton Woman 1941

Romeo and Juliet 1940

Vivien, Marilyn Monroe & Larry 1957

1940.... Romeo and Juliet..... Larry is with her

The School for Scandal 1949

Larry and Vivien - during the theatrical presentation of both Antony and Cleopatra - Caesar and Cleopatra 1951-1952

on the set of Gone With the Wind....

VIVIEN LEIGH(1913-1967)(Vivian Mary Hartley) was a British stageactress who saw herself as Scarlett O`Hara in GONE WITH THE WIND(1939) and indeed made the role into a myth. A legend. From mid-40s she was plagued by both Tuberculoses and a manic depressive state which hindered her career and destroyed her biggest religion; her love-affair with Laurence Olivier(together from 1936-married 1940-1960). After Scarlett she only made 8 films but showed a different side of herself in every role. When she died at the age of 53 from Tuberculoses she had left us a small legacy is a star. But we will remember her astoneshing beauty, her great talent and style and a woman who managed 2 do most of the things she set out her heart 2 do.

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