fredag 30. april 2010

Vivien Leigh sings I KNOW THE FEELING

and you`ll see her in the 1938 - A YANK AT OXFORD co-starring Robert Taylor(two years before they made the classic - another MGM film - Waterloo Bridge). The girl in the end is Mia Farrow`mother, Maureen O`Sullivan - Jane to Johnny Weissmuller`s Tarzan..... Vivien and Maureen even went to school together as teenagers...

This song is from the show Tovarich 1963 and indeed - it won her a Tony Award.

Christmas in Norway - Over The Rainbow - featuring Sonja Henie

I think no country is as beautiful as my own..... and here you`ll see images of it.... The song was recorded in 2007 and the Sonja footage is from her last film - the 1958 "HELLO LONDON". Also included are images from the 1969 film "Song of Norway" starring Toralv Maurstad, Florence Henderson and Harry Secombe.

MILLENNIUMSBABYEN med Tiffe Marthinsen, Beate Heide og Henning Sebastian Jahre

Fra Sandefjord Teaterforenings jubileumsrevy - 2000 Takk - årgang 2000. Sted; Hjertnes, Sandefjord. Regi; Bernt Berggren

IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR a homage to male beauty

A tribute to the great works of Roger Norheim, Richard Avedon, Greg Gorman, Aymeric Giraudel, Joseph Bleu and models such as Matt McKinney, Christopher Atkins, Greg Knudson, Rudolph Nureyev(and Anthony Dowell), Aaron Chinn, Nick Gogel, Travis Fimmel and Todd Hudson.

I recorded the song in 2007.

Lillebror Sande Larsen & Henning Sebastian Jahre OVER THE RAINBOW

The orchestration was given as a gift to me by the best piano entertainer in Norway - Lillebror Sande Larsen. We recorded it in 2007 and in it you`ll find Sharon Tate, River Phoenix, Judy Garland(of course), Vera Zorina, Sonja Henie, Arlene Dahl, Vivien Leigh, Rudolf Nureyev, Leslie Caron, Michelle Phillips and Greta Gynt.

THEME FROM NEW YORK, NEW YORK; Pavarotti, Liza & Henning Sebastian

this is by far the best duet of this famous song...... yeah.... I had to butt in to this 1996 landmark performance hahaha

THE SOUND OF CHRISTMAS Julie Andrews & Judy Garland

as well as pictures from my job and my family:-))

HELLO LONDON! Kjell, Norvald & Henning Sebastian`s 2008 trip to London

featuring Michael Hall and Sonja Henie(1912-1969)in her last film.... yup,,,, the 1958 HELLO LONDON hehe - The music is by the renowned boywiz from Perth, Australia - POGO!

LOTTOMILLIONÆRER Mina Trøen & Henning Sebastian Jahre

Fra Sandefjord Teaterforenings 40 års jubileumsrevy "2000 Takk!" i Hjertnes - årgang 2000. Musikk: Henry Mancini, regi og tekst; Bernt Berggren, koreografi; Henning Sebastian Jahre

torsdag 29. april 2010

A Tribute to my childhood sweetheart - Julie Andrews

You`ll see me in front of the London Palladium 2008 and with my father at the Opera i Bjørvika and Holmenkollen 2008. Julie is seen at the Momarkedet, Norway 1978. And the song??? Well don`t take it too seriously---- I made it in a spoof version hehe

You Look So Fine Arlene Dahl; as a Nympho and Psycho the 1956 film noir Slightly Scarlet - co-starring John Payne, Ted DiCorsia and Rhonda Fleming. Arlene is of Oscar material in this film:-) I recorded the song in 2007

a tribute to my girl - JUDY GARLAND - act 1

Here`s the Great 1 when I like her the most - in the 60s---- singing I`ll Plant My Own Tree 1967, For Once in My Life and Till After the Holidays(both 1968).... Liza Minnelli is the ultimate entertainer, but Mama was and is the Queen of songs and personal charisma..... by the way... she is seen hugging Marilyn Monroe in the early 60s after a concert of hers....

a tribute to my girl - JUDY GARLAND - act 2

Here she is as I like her the most--- in the 60s.... singing Just in Time, For Once in My Life and Till After the Holidays.

WHAT NOW MY LOVE River Phoenix*Vivien Leigh*Sharon Tate*Sonja Henie

a tribute to my favorite stars; Sonja Henie, Sharon Tate, River Phoenix and Vivien Leigh. I recorded it on November 13th 2007.

A Tribute to Lorenzo Lamas and Arlene Dahl

Lamas is seen in a 2008 TV-interview and Dahl in a 1966 footage hehe. You Look So Fine was recorded by me in 2007.

Tom Stereo NOW OR NEVER - Celebrating Norwegian Movie Stars

This song was the Gay Pride Song of 2008 and I was fortunate and lucky enough to have permission to use it to the first video I ever made... The girls in question are Arlene Dahl, Vera Zorina, Greta Gynt, Sonja Henie and Sigrid Gurie. Do visit Tom Stereo(Thomas Anholt) on myspace and youtube:-)

You`ll see clips from Follow The Boys(Vera & George Raft)1944, Hello London(Sonja) 1958, Mr Emmanuel 1944 and Take My Life(Greta with Marius Goring)1947, Arlene in Slightly Scarlet 1956(with John Payne), The Adventures of Marco Polo(Sigrid and Gary Cooper)1938, Wintertime(Sonja with Carole Landis and Cornel Wilde)1942, Vera in The Goldwyn Follies 1938

Henning Sebastian Jahre MY WAY - A tribute to Norwegian Movie Stars

---Arlene Dahl, Sigrid Gurie, Greta Gynt, Sonja Henie, Vera Zorina and Kirsten Heiberg. I recorded MY WAY in 2007

Sonja is seen in My Lucky Star 1938, Arlene in The Outriders 1950, Vera in On Your Toes 1939, Sigrid in The Adventures of Marco Polo 1938 and Greta with Bela Lugosi in The Dark Eyes of London 1939.

Tom Stereo INDIAN SUMMER featuring SIGRID GURIE 1911-1969

Here we are - Thomas Anholt(Tom Stereo) and I in the Summer of 2009. As Tom Stereo(featuring Ella) he did Indian Summer - and it is a fitting song(used by his permission) to the late Norwegian star Sigrid Gurie(here seen with Gary Cooper in her first film - the 1938 THE ADVENTURES OF MARCO POLO)

TITANIC Starring Johnny Depp and Jude Law

I recorded the song in 2007. I don`t imply that the stars are gay. But their beauty and artistery fits this subject admirably....

LONDON PUB Starring Judy-Viv*Viola Greåker*Maggi Smith*Miss Trulte*Marry

This is a celebration of the oldest gay establishment in Norway, the London Pub in Oslo. The pub celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2009. The song was recorded on August 6, 2006.

YOU LOOK SO FINE... a dark and gothic mood

helped by several friends hehe.... I recorded the song in 2007.


Photographed, written and recorded in 2007. I hope you`ll like it mate:-) It it my favorite novel and the poetry of Oscar Wilde will always speak to me:-)


The song Over The Rainbow - I recorded it on June 5 1999. This is a tribute to these stars whose careers were cut short by murder, deseases, ill health and retirement.


with Jean Marais, Evelyn Keyes, Thomas Mitchell & Josette Day. I recorded the song in 2007. It`s a homage to the 1946 film by Jean Cocteau.

Sonja Henie & Alexander Rybak; FaLow`s Hip Hop Remix of FAIRYTALE

The remix is by FaLow and the video is compiled by me. The song is the legendary 1 - by the boywonder Alexander Rybak.

onsdag 28. april 2010

THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY Starring Greta Garbo*Montgomery Clift*Marilyn Monroe

with Laurence Olivier, John Gilbert, Donna Reed, Peter Lawford, Yul Brynner and Gloria Swanson, I recorded the two songs in 2007

Greta Gynt - intervju 1938 - in DEAR MURDERER 1947

Here`s the great actress Greta Gynt 1916-2000 in a 1938 Norwegian interview with the not so polite Einar Schibby. The film in question is DEAR MURDERER 1947 - co-starring Eric Portman,

Sonja Henie; You are a Song of Norway

I recorded You Look So Fine in 2007 and she is seen as among other things - as Alice in Wonderland 1938

My 50 Favorite Roles On Film

I recorded IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR in 2007

In Memory of Jakob Michal Von Lenardth Kazcmarec 1982-2004