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RIVER PHOENIX 1970-1993 - Henning Sebastian Jahre`s thoughts and reviews of him

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Henning Sebastian Jahre "Judy-Viv" (Oslo, Norway) - See all my reviews River Phoenix, Christine Lahti and Judd Hirsch are all stupendous in this Sidney Lumet production. Unlike Hollywood, this is lowkey thriller/drama, but most of all it is River...It`s a GENIUS in work here... His work seems so simple... But it isn`t. He manages 2 show us his feelings through his expressive face... It`s a MAGICIAN in work.He lost the supporting role Oscar 2 Kevin Kline(I Fish Called Wanda), but of course... That was ANOTHER good performance.

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2 LEGENDARY STARS IN A SO-SO FILM, November 25, 2001
Henning Sebastian Jahre "Judy-Viv" (Oslo, Norway) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Little Nikita December 28 1989 I first saw this film and became an instant fan of RIVER PHOENIX. Teamed with great Sidney Poitier it is a cold-war thriller and at times - a good one. But in the end it goes over the top and it quickly lost its importance when the cold war vanished... soon after the films completion...However, it is a treat for the fans of these stars and the supporting cast are great especially Caroline Kava.

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RIVER EXCELL AGAIN, November 25, 2001
Henning Sebastian Jahre "Judy-Viv"

This little film is a real treat. You`ll find actors depending on no production values whatsoever.... just the talents God himself gaveèm...And in front we have River Phoenix and Lili Taylor playing 2 people at odds with each other. They come 2 LIKE and respect each another and the dialogue is never corny...No wonder why River has such cult. His careerchoices were ace...It`s in the same vain as BEFORE SUNRISE actually...

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Henning Sebastian Jahre "Judy-Viv" (Oslo, Norway) -

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My Own Private Idaho I caught the attention of River Phoenix in late 1989 when I saw him in LITTLE NIKITA. A few weeks later I saw him in RUNNING ON EMPTY and realised that this was t h e protagonist for my generation. In MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO he plays the hustler Mike Scott longing for normality("I never had a normal dog") and the supposed safety of a long-lost mother. River Phoenix excells in his best role(with Birdlace in DOGFIGHT), but he is helped by a strong cast including Keanu Reeves(his best ACTING role until he chose a wise careerchoice by accepting the actioners SPEED and THE MATRIX), Udo Kier, William Richert and Flea. Director and screenwriter Gus Van Sant has spiced this little film with symbolic touches that enhance this product, made for little money and with no apparent happy ending. Unfortunately, it seems that Gus run out of ideas after this film(note the use of clouds in his EVEN COWGIRLS SINGS THE BLUES and Marion`s showerscene in the remake of PSYCHO). And GOOD WILL HUNTING? It lacks the great style of IDAHO and his art-house films.
MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO may be the very k e y film concerning my generation and our seeking for stability, safety and meaning of life.

RIVER PHOENIX(1970-1993)(River Jude Bottom - from late70s Phoenix). He personafied M Y generation. He was the ONLY actor I identified myself with. It seemed that if River could do it, so could we. He played roles that as a youngster I could identify myself with. And because of that, fans grew close 2 him. When he died outside the Viper Room on Halloween after snorting cocaine(with heroine and marihuana) I was shocked. And it didn`t leave me for almost six months. Even 2day it is hard 2 see his films. My idol. The 1 with the ideals; Gone. It turned out that H E didn`t make it. It is sad really. Real sad.

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