torsdag 27. mai 2010

fredag 7. mai 2010

Pictures takes by me in May 2010

Walking by the Royal Castle on a Wednesday morning - May 5 - 2010
A view from my mothers bedroom.... 2010

a friend getting ready for a show on May 6 2010

tirsdag 4. mai 2010

"A Very Sad Christmas...." Judy Garland

I hope you`ll like the video I made for this most wonderful christmas torch song ever!!!! It`s a favorite of both Jan Thorsen(pictured) and myself....

Marlene Dietrich & Zarah Leander

The Judy-Viv Collage

A collage I made between November 11 and December 16, 2004. (C)All Rights Reserved

søndag 2. mai 2010

When I met Liza Minnelli On October 19th, 2005

and filmed by me hehe


It`s a beautiful and estethic picture....
but it brings innocence and dreams to a crime that is nothing of the sort....
So the people behind it should have known better judgement....
It`s speculative...

VERA ZORINA; You Look So Fine:-)

Here is the great Vera Zorina(Eva Brigitta Hartwig)(1917-2003) of Norway in THE GOLDWYN FOLLIES 1938 and ON YOUR TOES 1939. Her partner is Charles Laskey and the choreography by her then husband, George Balanchine. I recorded YOU LOOK SO FINE on October 31, 2007.

lørdag 1. mai 2010


Yup here`s two of the most potent showgirls of today... filmed by me.... Madonna at the Valle Hovin in Oslo - July 2009 - Liza Minnelli at the Oslo Konserthus - October 19th 2005.

Just as when we thought we knew Superman hehe...