fredag 28. august 2015

Sonja Henie and I

Sonja Henie and I(Henning Sebastian Jahre) on very THIN ICE indeed - (C)(P) Friday, August 28, 2015. All Rights Reserved

fredag 21. august 2015

Sonja Henie trekker i uniform under 2. verdenskrig - Sonja Henie & Adolf Hitler

Sonja Henie, Norwegian figure skater and film star. She was godmother of the 508th PIR, 82nd Airborne Division. She even jumped with them during practice
Hennes samtid syntes hun kunne gjort mer under krigen, men det er Leif Henies bok fra 1984 som virkelig skandaliserte henne og lagde riper i lakken..... Utrolig nok et boken ganske så kildeløs og utallige historier er fra filmblader og har til og med en fiktiv venninne av Sonja med - Belle Christy..... men her ser vi at etter Pearl Harbour, lot de amerikanske myndighetene sine innvandrere fremme sin sak.... Regissør Alexander Korda produserte That Hamilton Woman 1941 med Vivien Leigh og Laurence Olivier - en propagandajobb applaudert av Winston Churchill... Men Washington var redde for å irritere og kalte ham inn til forhør... så kom Japanerne og som vi sier - the rest is history
Sonja`s competitor, Vivi-Ann Hulten and some Garbage writers has suggested Sonja was Hitler`s girlfriend and or in his inner circle...
As Hitler is one of the most documentad individuals in history it is easy to make Research....  It is no suggestion in his biographies that he was nothing but only a fan of Sonja Henie or had a more intimate relation With her than shall we say - Our own Crown Prince Olav.....
It`s important to shed some light into this as many pulp articles has done much damage to her name in the last couple of decades....
Adolf Hitler's name has been linked romantically with a number of women other than Eva Braun.
NameLifeAge at deathCause of deathContact with HitlerRelationshipReference(s)
Stefanie RabatschUnknownUnknownc. 1905Teenage love interest[40][41]
Charlotte Lobjoie1898–195153Allegedly met c. 1917Alleged lovers; her son Jean-Marie Loret claimed that Hitler was his father.[42]The dominant view, expressed by historians such as Anton Joachimsthaler,[43] Belgian journalist Jean-Paul Mulders,[44] and Sir Ian Kershaw,[45] is that Hitler's paternity of Loret is unlikely or impossible.
Erna Hanfstaengl1885–198196Natural causesMet in 1920sRumoured lovers[46]
Maria ReiterDecember 23, 1911 – 199281Natural causes; suicide attempt in 1928 by hangingMet in 1925Possibly lovers[47][48][49]
Geli RaubalJune 4, 1908 – September 18, 193123SuicideLived in Hitler's home from 1925 until her deathHalf-niece, speculated lovers[50][51]
Eva BraunFebruary 6, 1912 – April 30, 194533Double suicide with HitlerMet in autumn 1929Longterm companion; briefly his wife[52]
Unity MitfordAugust 8, 1914 – May 28, 194833Distraught over Britain's declaration of war on Germany, she attempted suicide; almost nine years later she died from complications related to her suicide attempt.[53]