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SHARON TATE 1943-1969 - Henning Sebastian Jahre`s thoughts and reviews of her

Sharon in her first film; EYE OF THE DEVIL 1967

This is the first picture I saw of Sharon.... and 12PLUSS1 was the first film....

her finest dramatic effort, Sharon Tate in EYE OF THE DEVIL 1967

one of the last pictures taken of Sharon - many pictures from the website http://www.sharontate.net/home.html

Sharon and Roman

With Roman Polanski in THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS 1967

In her last film, as Pat, 12pluss1

her last film, released 1970

in her first film and in her best dramatic performance, as Odile in EYE OF THE DEVIL 1967

With Barbara Parkins and Patty Duke in the critic-dissected - by now cultmovie - Valley of the Dolls 1967. "I feel a bit topheavy". "Oh, u AAAARE a bit top-heavy"(from Valley of the Dolls)

THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS 1967 - photographed by Roman Polanski

Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders
by Greg KingEdition

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When Roman Polanski released his autobiography in 1984(I think it was), Sharon Tate found herself as the heroine of his life. The book is a loving tribute 2 eternal love and a testament 2 the legacy of young Sharon Tate who was taken from life much too soon. Polanski introduces himself with flaws and all and it IS apparent that she was more good for him than vice verca.
In "SHARON TATE AND THE MANSON MURDERS" by Greg King, Sharon Tate is still the Angel. The insecure. The loving childwoman, who only wanted 2 be loved and have a quiet domestic life.
Unfortunately. Her story tends 2 get lost because of her tragic end - the victim of a sensational murder massacre that changed the World`s look on hippies - and in a way, changed America. The murder on Sharon Tate ended the 60s and its ingredients of flower power, peace and understanding...
The thing I regret is that Greg King really makes only a summary of Sharon`s life until the 1969 events. And that isn`t enough. Sure she made a minor output(six films), but there must have been a lot of people who could have made bigger contributions 2 this project. King`s minute-by-minute telling on that fatal evening on August 9 1969 is a nerve-breaking experience. Is this the truth? I think we may never know(the criminals admitted being "high" on the experience), but in any case it doesn`t matter what anyone said and when. The fact that Watson, Atkins & Krenwinkel did what they and wrapped up the evening with the heavely pregnant Sharon Tate condemns them to lifetime in prison forever. Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Wojtek Frykowsky, Abigail Folger, Steven Parent and Leno & Rosemary LaBianca are all screaming from their graves for justice. THE FAMILY can never be exposed to the community again. An example must be set. It`s frightening how some young people glorify the events and Charles Manson. So, this book is IMPORTANT even 31 years after the events.
Well, yes; The photos are not that great(why so many of Manson?) we could have seen some from Sharon as a baby, as a teenager, family-pictures etc. But on whole: Greg King`s book is a must-reader and he is successful in presenting Sharon Tate as a lovely human being - deeply missed by so many people...

Valley of the Dolls

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T H A T BAD IS IT? REALLY?, January 18, 2001

Well darlings. I have eagerly awaited 2 see this filmfor almost 14 years(because of Sharon Tate naturally). Renowned Norwegian actor Morten Rudaa(nee Tootsie Knutsen) puchased it for me while staying in the Big Apple a month ago and warned me: "It`s out of date, badly acted and..." Well I could go on. And I have read the numerous reviews on this site. HOWEVER. Did u ever see PEYTON PLACE 1957?. Or the Judy Garland version of A STAR IS BORN 1954? Not 2 mention varous Joan Crawford and Bette Davis vehicles??????????????????????? (Did I mention Garbo in AS YOU DESIRE ME and GRAND HOTEL?)
It seems 2 me that some films and stars are above critisism for various reasons... VALLEY OF THE DOLLS is not THAT bad. And if U ever were in showbusiness or/and knew some types, u wouldn`t be THAT astonished by Helen Lawson or Neely O`Hara. SHARON TATE glows as Jennifer North. If u have seen the docu ALL EYES ON SHARON TATE(on TCM/TNT)u will see that she is playing a variation on herself. In the Greg King book SHARON TATE AND THE MANSON MURDERS he indicated that author Jacqueline Susanne`s outline of Jennifer is too close 2 be true. SHARON I S Jennifer. Watch Sharon tackle Odile in the odd-thriller EYE OF THE DEVIL, playing a gruesome witch and the Polanski film THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS as Sarah the innocent inn-keepers daughter who becomes a Vampire. In that film she displays a wonderful European accent and a totally different attitude than Jennifer. The production values are fine, but I do agree things written about Sharon`s bridesmaid Barbara Parkins. It`s a veeeeeeeeeery shallow performance - and that dialect?
So, don`t listen 2 "expersts". Judge it and compare it. Yes, it is a trashy version of a trashy novel. But NOT that bad. NB: I recently heard Judy`s version of Susan Hayward`s big number "I Grow my Own Tree". It is a releaf Judy walked out of the picture. At t h a t time, her voice was not good. But it is a role Garland at other times would have excelled in. Hayward`s glowing yellow outfit was a Garland trademark in concerts 1967-69. See it in the taping of JUDY GARLAND AT HOME AT THE PALACE 1967 with John Bubbles, Joe and Lorna Luft.

Not his best, Jul 12 2004
Henning Sebastian Jahre (Oslo, Norway)
This review is from: The Fearless Vampire Killers or: Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck ... when u compare it with Rosemary`s Baby, Repulsion and Frantic. But it DOES have its moments... What really saves this film is the music by Komeda, choreography by Norwegian Tutte Lemkow, the scenary, the make-up, the off-key characters, Sharon Tate and the costumes... Too often u find yourself wondering what-the-heck this is all about and why doesn`t Polanski move a bit faster into the action??? Still; it`s watchable and I`m glad that so many have found it to their hearts:-)

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Sharon at her dramatic best, December 21, 2004
Henning Sebastian Jahre (Oslo, Norway)

This is Sharon Tate`s film... She steals every scene she`s in and she delivers a chilling precense:-) David Niven is brilliant as Philippe, as are David Hemmings, Flora Robson and Donald Pleasance. The film is uneven, but should always be watched because of it near-perfect cast. Miss Kerr would have been good 10 years earlier, but looks too old to play a mama with so young children... Her scene on the roof with Sharon however, is a classic.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful: THE WRECKING CREW 1968
SHARON TATE stands out in her BEST COMIC effort, July 7, 2004
Henning Sebastian Jahre

The fighting scenes and the idea that Denmark has MOUNTAINS makes this in the class of a turkey - I mean - a spoof is OK - but you still have to do your research.... What if we found a wonderful beach in the film The Sound Of Music(with Austrian locations???)???
What saves this film is the comedy of Sharon Tate. She`s right on target every time she appears and the film should be granted many TV-screenings because of her... The music is pure 60s(quite amusing...) The scene in?which Matt Helm, upon seeing a dead Linka(Elke Sommer), informs Freya Carlson "That could have been you" - and her stubborn denials - puts tears 2 1s eyes - knowing what happened to Sharon a year later....
It is campy but by now I enjoy the film because it is so hilarious.... If you watch Sharon`s films... you`ll see she works on her magic differently in all her six films..... She`s a diabolique witch in EYE OF THE DEVIL, a fragile starlet in VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, and a teasing ill-fated-teenager in THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS(all 1967)

SHARON TATE(1943-1969)(Sharon Marie Tate)paid more than any other star. Alive she was well-known. Dead, she rose as the eternal martyr - forever linked with evil - Charles Manson.She made into the movies by the mid-60s and married writer-actor-director Roman Polanski 1968. The marriage resulted in pregnancy, but 2 weeks before birth Sharon(and 4 other people) were slain in her home by a small group of hippies sent on a mission by the insane Manson.Her memory is a tragic 1, but reading the Greg King, Roman Polanski biographies you`ll discover a vibrant, beautiful and a talented girl.

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