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SONJA HENIE i IT`S A PLEASURE 1944 - by Henning Sebastian Jahre

most photos are from the http://www.sonjahenie.net/ - do make a visit:-)

It's a Pleasure

by me

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Sonja`s only Hollywood-film in color, July 13, 2004

This is a novelty: A musical film from 1945 that contains alcoholism, poverty and adultery. Of course it`s Sonja`s show and she carries it of beautifully, though her dramatic depth as an actress might be questioned hehehe. The photography by the great Ray Rennahan is spectacular, as are the scenic design and costumes. Marie "The Body"(as she was called) McDonald is a breathtaking witch. McDonald suffered from too many ex-husbands and eventually committed suicide by the early 60s... Sonja`s solos are the best she did on celluloid(with Iceland 1942) and her dance-scene without skates proved that she was an excellent dancer. What a pity she never was teamed with Fred Astaire; it could have been an interesting musical....

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