søndag 3. april 2011


and featuring Cam Joslin Gigandet(in a role Norwegian Thor Knai easily could have played as well....)

I saw this film in the theatre - Saga 6 in Oslo, on Sunday, March 6, 2011; 13:40 local time....

This has what Chicago 2002 doesn`t: great musical talents in the leading roles. It suffers from a weak script, but improved upon by the star quality of the three principals; Cher, Anguilera and Gigandet.

The musical numbers however are ace and reminiscent of the 1972 Cabaret starring Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey and Michael York.

Christina steals the show and the only real weak spot is the intro to Cher`s big number "You Haven`t Seen the Last of Me!" - the dj asks - "have you got the time to do it"(or something like that) and she answers "Oh I completely forgot.... yeah ok - let`s do it".. ooooh woops....

The song and performance are however of vintage Cher quality.

This film belongs in every shelf of a musical lover:)(:

pictured. the girls, Cam Joslin Gigandet and in black & white Thor Knai

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