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Greta Garbo at the Swedish Press Conference 1946

Garbo  Press Conference in Sweden 1946 
 - Please note that every time Garbo utters something; I have written GG in the front---- otherwise there are reporters talking and asking....


She has just entered the Library on the Gripsholm(a ship) and how am I gonna describe her? She wears a "Garbo" hat in in a big white coat. "Ajajajaj" was the first thing she said as a lamp exploded.... Now she has passed the photographers and are about to sit Down a a huge Chair at the end of the room. There are a lot of journalists and photographers here - I`m guessing approx 60 - 70 People...
It must be an unlikely situation for her - to sit alone like on a parade - eye to eye With a hord of reporters and a crowd in general and a flaming sea of lightbulbs(photographing her).
Greta Garbo has stated today that she has never talked into a radio microphone and never ever will do so, neither in America or Sweden. And that<\s a decison we can`t do anything about--- I am not allowed to get even near her With my microphone - as the reception she shook her head and I Guess I have to respect that since she even didn`t want to say "No" to the microphone...
And therefore I have placed myself in the back of a corner here and I`ll try to listen and tell you what happens....
The interview has been going on for some time - at first the photographers had their time - and they carried on for quite a while - I can`t imagine how many 100s of snaps they took, but she posed quite willing to it all.
Well the interviews.... I can`t say that she is giving much, the questions are rather trivial and Miss Garbo has a rather quick way to distance herself from them/cut them short.
I apologize that I am not able to have her talk, but if I`m shutting up for a moment we will at least hear how the mood is in the room of Gripsholm.......
GARBO & THE REPORTERS(only  what I was able to understand/comprehend)
Is this the 5th time that Miss Garbo has come home?
GG: 5th??? aaaaaa it seems like that----  I travel to and fro.... I like that....
There are questions about an upcoming film or for  a Swedish film studio... She is evasive..... she is posetive but states "I have already answered that---"
Have you lost your will to film then?
GG: (Hesitates)... Nooooo..... One walks about....is lonely.... and.....(she seems to wander off)
Are there offers that are appealing?
GG: (hesitating)... Noo......
A question I can`t grasp;
GG: (smiling) Oh are you Norwegian???
No Danish....(they say something about Swedish and they all laugh - you can really hear her laughter)
Danish reporter: is it a question about a New script?
GG: Oh it`s everything, if the question is if there`s something in the Works....
Another reporter: Last time, Miss Garbo mentioned she wanted to do Walewska and this time....(strange question indeed for 1946)
she stops him: GG: Oh that was a long time ago.... Actually I have absolutely nothing planned at all..
Reporter: NOTHING???
GG: resigns: Noooothing..... That was that?!
We were talking about that  when you left from New York and of what was telegraphed - and it went worldwide - and among other Things you said "I`m to tired...."  (People laughs)
DID you say that?
GG: (laughs and is evasive) It is cozy and hot over there hehe... cooooozy....
So you are not tired?
GG: (in a mock voice) Oh yes - OH I spent the Whole night walking about... run upstairs....(can`t quite Catch it all)
So you enjoy the travles With the Gripsholm? Are they relaxing for you?
GG: (hesitates) Jaa,,,,,(yes)....
Are the Americans more nosey??
GG: Nosey??? Naw,,,, in English; "More or less the same"....
Can I ask Miss Garbo before she leaves... where will you go in the nearest future, when you leave the boat, the days that are coming.. the NeXT weeks.....
GG: (mumbles) Yeah I would like to know..... everything(I may misinterp this) The reporters come up With suggestions where she might go.....
Have you met (Ingrid) Bergman?
GG: Fo a moment only----
Seen her films???
GG: (I think she says a quick) YES---- and then "No er det nog hva???" Now it is enough ok?
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