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My Own Private Movie Awards

DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES(July 21, 2014) at the Colosseum With William Brovold..... and let me tell you..... This Movie is a multi-marriage between artists in every Department! Andy Serkis`portrayel of the ape Caesar is of Oscar-material:-) I really fell in love the ape and that performance.... What a dream-role! No surprise if this film started to collect numerous awards.... An Instant classic indeed:-)

July 22, 2014

I saw this film in the theatre - Saga 6 in Oslo, on Sunday, March 6, 2011; 13:40 local time....

This has what Chicago 2002 doesn`t: great musical talents in the leading roles. It suffers from a weak script, but improved upon by the star quality of the three principals; Cher, Anguilera and Gigandet.
The musical numbers however are ace and reminiscent of the 1972 Cabaret starring Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey and Michael York.
Christina steals the show and the only real weak spot is the intro to Cher`s big number "You Haven`t Seen the Last of Me!" - the dj asks - "have you got the time to do it"(or something like that) and she answers "Oh I completely forgot.... yeah ok - let`s do it".. ooooh woops....
The song and performance are however of vintage Cher quality.
This film belongs in every shelf of a musical lover:)(:
Quite good...., August 5, 2007

Yup it is.... We saw it last Thursday.... Homer is in his stupid wicked-self and you will find most of the humour(even more needling and outragous than ususal) and characters intact from the TV-series... The story tends to overstay its welcome towards the end - but on a whole - it is a success:)(:

MAMMA MIA - Nevermind the plot; enjoy a tribute to the joy of life, July 19, 2008
There we sat.... two "old" queens with tears and sobs because we had a catch of Dean Martin`s "Memories are made of this" as the film Mamma Mia screened in front of us..... Nevermind the plot; it`s a jubilation of life..... The Great Barinski is soon to be the cat Woman(watch out honey) but with La Diva Streep - the best in the picture:-)))))
SEX AND THE CITY THE MOVIE - Mmmmm the ultimate feel-good film, June 22, 2008      
THEY ARE BACK with us... And they look older:-) more mature - it`s just like seeing old friends again.... I especially like it when Carrie watches Judy i MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS(iT\s pronounced with SSSSSS hehe) This is LIGHT entertainment and on the better side...I will use this as an upper for years to come... It`s Hollywood at its most professional and a victory that the not-so-young girls made it as the all-time box-office blockbuster.... SKÅL!!!!!!!!!:-)))

24.06 2007: In 1983 I watched MGMs THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY 1944 starring Hurd Hatfield, George Sanders, Angela Lansbury and Donna Reed....The picture "spoke" to me.... Oscar Wildes poetry is timeless and of staying power...
German, British and American versions of this classic are now sealed in a coffin with a number of nails hehe...
But this film... by Duncan Roy..... is psychedelic.... mtv.... a dopsurrealistic epic of the first class....
David Gallaghar IS Dorian... as was Hurd Hatfield in 1944.....
There are echoes of Gus Van Sants My Own Private Idaho, Baz Lurhmann`s Romeo and Julie, TITUS 1999 and Recquem for a Dream....
The violence and sex in this film is explicit and raw..... the whole film has a raw edge that makes you never indifferent to this Product.


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WOOOOOOOOOOOOW:-)))), March 19, 2006

This is by far one of the greatest screen comedy musicals ever produced. Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman and the rest are just hilarious.... The film offers Mel Brooks-trademark humour but it is only Brooks AT HIS BEST:-))) The film is frenetic and u dooo get tired or blown away, but on the whole - this enterprise is as good as any legendary musical of the past. The scoring, costume design, make-up, choreography..... My writing finger melts hehehe..... it`s kitch, it`s camp - but on the posetive side.... THIS IS A MUST-SEE and must be AT ONCE be regarded as a musical comedy CLASSIC:-)


THAT GENIUS BAZ LUHRMANN..., Nov 26 2001 He has done it again. He has made several steps from ROMEO+JULIET and made an exciting tribute 2 love in the 20th century. The songs are humouresly chosen and sung with great class by EWAN MacGREGOR and NICOLE KIDMAN. The supporting cast is also ace... This is what film is all about...It is so nicely edited 2gether; that Luhrmann; I can c Oscars, honory Oscars and countless awards in your horizon. U have taught the world 2 love musicals again. I thank u...As I said; a beautiful fable about love, hate and greed...And last(NOT LEAST): JIM BROADBENT is Oscarmaterial and his versions of Madonna`s Like a Virgin and Queen`s The Show Must Go On? Musical treats that must be viewed over and over and over(With Kidman and MacGregor of course...)


A GLADIATOR OF A FILM, April 22 2001 Well. While I saw it last year, films such as Caesar and Cleopatra, Ben-Hur, Spartacus, Quo Vadis? and Cleopatra rolled in my head. But this was different. A real characterisation of a person who longed for a family reunion in Valhalla. And even better; the action/spectacular scenes never interfered with the story but served its purpose... It is a magical piece of work and a good swansong for Oliver Reed.


STAR TREATMENT FROM CAST AND CREW, Jui 15 2000 THE SIXTH SENSE(with The Matrix)is such a film that it makes u almost speechless. U feel tricked, manipulated and utterly on the edge because of the greatness of the work. The twists, the characters, the ACTORS(especially Haley Joel Osment) and the shivering finale makes this a grand finale for the closing of the 20th Century(with The Matrix of course).

MATRIX 19/7 1999

A LANDMARK FILM, Jui 15 2000 When I left the cinema after seeing THE MATRIX I noticed that people left the building as If they had witnessed something truly religious. Very seldom do we see something at the movies that can change the look u have on the reality. Or the feeling that u have witnessed something new and truly remarkable. THE MATRIX is of couse such a film and I think I speak for a looooooooooooooooot of people that I am thankful for that it was made. Notable filmcritic Pauline Kael once said:
"Movies are so rarely great, that if we cannot appreciate great trash we have very little reason to be interested in them....."
THE MATRIX is not one of those events.

LITTLE VOICE 28/3 1998

4 STAR PERFORMANCES IN 1 FILM, May 7 2001 I saw this film 3 times in the movie house and it was among the first I purchased when I bought a DVD player... Caine, Blethyn, MacGregor and Horrocks are all at their best in this film(husshhh; Blethyn a bit better than the others...) For anyone, everywhere, who has lost a friend, a loved one(here a father) it isn`t hard 2 identify oneself with Laura(LV). The stunning thing is that the film could have been about ME in that department. I have always listened 2 Judy Garland - especially when the World has been against me. And by God that voice has helped me. Enough of the similarieties... When Laura gives the all-stops performance, it is a creative outlet and the LP`s doesn`t mean that much anymore. As Billy explains; there are people ALIVE who fancies (read: him) LV. Cause in a a way: Judy, Shirley and Marilyn represents LV`s Dad and she can`t allow herself 2 be rid of him. 2gether with Billy, she opens one of the pigeons cages and set them free - a metaphore really - LAURA IS FREE(she frees herself from her mental and motherly blocks) The music selections are fine and personally I fully enjoy the tribute 2 Judy(though Jane is not up 2 Judy`s level singing the legend`s songs. The music is nicely arranged though). The DVD offers a "making of" and as said, Brenda Blethyn is the standout(compare the fiction personality and Brenda`s own). It is a treat that can be watched - and will by me - repeatedly.

Titanic - 13/2 1998 - Jack1 of 3 people found the following review helpful:As a blockbuster a 5, July 12, 2004... but as an account of the ship and its demise... a 2....Here we got a Romeo and Juliet-story on-board the Titanic with a cliche-ridden dialogue-("I can fly.....") prologue and epilogue... What Cameron really should have done - STORYWISE - was to let the ship and its passangers speak for themselves...We are not unbeknownst 2 her story, so why mock us Mr Cameron??? As a fiction however; it is great - if on the trashy side. The authency of the Titanic and production values are first rate. The music by James Horner(and the humming by Norwegian singer Sissel Kyrkjeb?)was a milestone at the time....The photography of the wreck!? - a must-see....

THE BEST SHAKESPEARE ON CELLULOID, June 19, 2000 WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE`S ROMEO + JULIET is by far the best Shakespeare adaption of the screen. Baz Luhrmann`s production is lush and the chemistry of acting, production design, costume, sets, sound and music is spellbounding. This film is repeatadely a treat and borrows its premises from MTV. But it works and it works fine. Leonardo DiCaprio is at his magic best. It takes u back to the "sweet" age of your teens when love was first discovered and u thought that no one could have experienced the trauma of this crazy feeling more A L I V E then urself... This film brings back that feeling. It may be my favorite film...

(Oslo, Norway) It was Xmas 1996. I was sitting at the premiere of Evita. It started and I cried. My companion was uncomfortable("Is he going 2be like t h a t for the rest of the movie?????) However, I expected something a`la CABARET(1972) and then found myselfwatching - at times - a music video. I found the libretto - at times mind u - 2 much for the music. And the stars? Well, OK, but it was just a piece of walking though a parade. Not ACTING in any sense. However, before it was finished, I started2likewhat I saw and have since held Madonna in great respect. It was great on DVD(no - this is not a cinema film only) and when u buy the the premises - it is good entertainmment. It is important that it was virtally the only musical from Hollywood in the 90s(with Paramount`s Liza Minnelli vehicle Stepping Out 1991) and it is a shame that it didn`t revive the musical genre.

Ed Wood - 17/9 1995 1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:JOHNNY EXCELLS - AGAIN, April 26, 2001The reason I saw ED WOOD was because of Johnny Depp. I like his careerchoices(Benny and Joon, Dead Man, Nick of Time, Don Juan deMarco - though not from 1997 and on). ED WOOD is a magical piece of moviemaking - a beautiful motion picture fable about a man who made motion picture trash. The production design, performances etc make this an all-time classic.

Speed - Jack Traven - 12-13/8 19941 of 4 people found the following review helpful:IT TOOK A NEW LOOK ON THE ACTION-GENRE, June 27, 2000SPEED was T H E blockbuster of 1994. It had a poor sequel though. But anywho; What make this film a classic and above all A GOOD FILM is that it follows the old principal of the 3-time-rule made by European fairytale-collectors(Griem, Asbjornsen & Moe and their kind)that the hero/heorine was go through no less than THREE - yes - 3 ordeals in order to solve a specific problem. This and a SPEEEEEEDY(funny) and andrenalin-filled script makes u NEVER going to get bored. SPEED started off a lot of Bomb-films, including DIE HARD 3 and BLOWN AWAY. It also rocketed Keanu Reeves as an actionstar(finally finding his level) and Sandra Bullock, supporting actress from River Phoenix`last THE THING CALLED LOVE 1993

My Own Private Idaho - Mike - 21/6 1992 1 of 3 people found the following review helpful:NOT JUST A VEHICLE FOR RIVER, BUT A GREAT FILM, June 27, 2000 I caught the attention of River Phoenix in late 1989 when I saw him in LITTLE NIKITA. A few weeks later I saw him in RUNNING ON EMPTY and realised that this was t h e protagonist for my generation. In MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO he plays the hustler Mike Scott longing for normality("I never had a normal dog") and the supposed safety of a long-lost mother. River Phoenix excells in his best role(with Birdlace in DOGFIGHT), but he is helped by a strong cast including Keanu Reeves(his best ACTING role until he chose a wise careerchoice by accepting the actioners SPEED and THE MATRIX), Udo Kier, William Richert and Flea. Director and screenwriter Gus Van Sant has spiced this little film with symbolic touches that enhance this product, made for little money and with no apparent happy ending. Unfortunately, it seems that Gus run out of ideas after this film(note the use of clouds in his EVEN COWGIRLS SINGS THE BLUES and Marion`s showerscene in the remake of PSYCHO). And GOOD WILL HUNTING? It lacks the great style of IDAHO and his art-house films.MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO may be the very k e y film concerning my generation and our seeking for stability, safety and meaning of life

Sunday, January 18, 2015.... Grandmama would have been 111 years old today(With Cary Grant)
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 1991  I saw it in the theatre, Parketten 2, With Dennis Zimmer..... Aaa what can I say? Belle is not Snow-White or Cinderella, but the film itself is a magnificent musical enterprise.....  Indeed, The Norwegian voices surpasses the original`s hehe---- For me on personal basis, it is a letdown that they pasted a New segment into the film many years later as I feel a Product once presented - should stand firm on its own.....  Still---- a masterpiece....

1 of the Best Gay Films Ever, March 7, 2005      
This review is from: Torch Song Trilogy (1988) (DVD)
...thanks to a stellar cast. It`s sad, humourous, cynic... but all in all... It isn`t difficult to fall in love with the main characters or even understand the "villain"(read "mother").

To me it says: "Make your own happiness. U and u alone are responsable for your life. It`s all u got. Now go on and LIVE IT and don`t sulk!"
THE BEST COMEDY...., December 20, 2004
This review is from: A Fish Called Wanda (DVD)
... of the 80s and ranks as an all-time high. My father has worn out several copies and luckily it`s on dvd now hehehe. Kevil Kline leads a stellar cast; I am giving flower-greetings to the entire cast and crew. Enough said.

Timeless, March 3, 2005
This film is by far one of the best ever produced: It`s erotic, humoures, sad, poetic and the protagonists are all interesting. Now, this is why many Europeans critizise American films.... They feel most productions from the US are stereotyped, all glam and over the top, while the European productions tend to move more straightforward into our human soul.... This film is one of those glorious occasions when film is high art and linked to the freespirited human soul.

We didn`t get many musicals in the 80s..., May 21, 2006
This review is from: A Chorus Line (DVD)
but fortunately Richard Attenborough gave us this(a long way from Gandhi indeed)... It is a 80s treatment of the show, but the talent is a treasure to behold. The cast-director of CHICAGO should have seen this and put real musical-talent in the leads...

The finale, One, brings tears to the eyes... IT`S A SHOWSTOPPER INDEED:-)))))))))))
The Temple of Doom... the best of the series, May 21, 2006
The 81 film is a build-up and the 1989-film showcases River Phoenix and Sean Connery to great advantage(River even performed his owns stunts...)

But the best is "The Temple of Doom"...It borrows its premises from old cheap serials, but here it is given an all-stops-out production treatment and a great performance from the future Mrs Spielberg, Kate Capshaw. The opening number is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as well:-)))


is a remake of the 1942 starring Carole Lombard, Jack Benny and Robert Stack. And actually Anne Bancroft, Mel Brooks and Tim Matheson fill their shoes QUITE NICELY:-)))).... I bought the LP in 1983 but no friend would go with me to the film so I had to see it alone in the theatre. Because of that I was lukewarm to the picture at the time.... but not now.... Sad to say Mr Brooks uses stuff from THE PRODUCERS 1968(and repeated it in the 2005 musical film) and I`ve never been fan of the obvious.... But it stands as a good film and a Polish friend of me hehe - hates it - when I swear in Polish - but THIS film taught me to do so hehe.... The musical interludes are both charming and great.

He`s back..., December 20, 2004
This review is from: Psycho 2 (DVD)
I remember sitting in a moviehouse November 1983 and we where ALL terrified! No, it isn`t Halloween... But it`s still great and in my opinon, superior to the 1960-film...

2day`s writers should learn by watching this film... Here the characters are introduced and the slowpaced narrative just builds a tension within us.... It`s a must-see.... Perkins is brilliant as Norman... he knows his character.... Vera Miles and Meg Tilly shines too....

THE BEST FROM THE 80s..., March 1, 2005
...but I refuse to watch the new "look" of the film. Please Mr Spielberg: U gave us a masterpiece, a classic. Every scene was a a classic, but u don`t mess with excellence...

The old film of 1982 is not available in Norway any more, but I hope for the sake of future generations, that Mr Spielberg and his like DOES NOT TAMPER with old productions. What if Munch revived his painting "Scream" 20 years later and had a touch-up with better paint?

What I remember is 1 of the most magical children`s film ever made with a splendid Henry Thomas in the lead. Please let us - THE PUBLIC - have the original back... It belongs to us, our memories and the future.

THE BEST BOND, May 21, 2006
This is the prototype of James Bond. The excitement is a treasure to behold and we get to see Sheena Easton perform the great titletune on the opening credits:-)

My only complaint.... why didn`t they ever give Bo Derek a role in a James Bond-film?

With KING KONG 76, and SONG OF NORWAY this film was dissected by critics. Yet I cannot help liking it. Like THE BLUE LAGOON 80 it has two beautiful stars(Miles O`Keeffe and Bo Derek), breathtaking photography and a good score. OK! So it i s slowmoving, but it u want an erotic Tarzan movie(who wouldn`t?) this I S the picture. Richard Harris is over-the-top at times and the film does scream for tighter editing. But on the whole; I reckemend it.

FANTASTIC, July 19, 2004
The film was dissected by most critics, but I have always enjoyed it. The stars; Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields shine in their youthful beauty and performances. The movie was banned in Oslo when it opened in 1980, but it played to full houses in the provinces. The docu on this DVD is good, but the sound is not on par with the movie.
I think the critics at the time was embaressed by its sensual frankness and therefor tried to "kill it". It was a huge hit though and still is a film you should see with your loved-one:-)

5.0 out of 5 stars :-))), April 16, 2006
This review is from: Grease (Widescreen Edition) (DVD)
The all-time dating film:-))) U can`_t possibly miss with this - it never reaches for anything more than cheer fun - and in THAT department - it delivers plenty:-)

This review is from: Superman - The Movie (DVD)
The credits and music are for starters out of this world. John Williams is at his peek(though much too close to the later theme of Indiana Jones for comfert). Even on vhs and now DVD, it`s a thrill when the opening starts.

Superman gets the REAL treatment, it`s both serious, comic and actionfilled. This film really developes its characters. The entire cast and crew is magical; though the accident and later demise of Christopher Reeve brings sad thoughts to the mind... You really THOUGHT he was Superman, at least my generation did and still does:-)

Every action film since owes much too much to this great movie. To my mind, only "The Hulk" 2003 and "Spider man 2" 2004 are of equal brilliance.

This review is from: King Kong [VHS] (VHS Tape)
This was the first film of KING KONG that I saw. I immediatly fell in love with it. Over the years I have been infuritated by critics who doesn`t seem to dare liking this film. They always compare it unfavourbly to the -33 classic. Right. It doesn`t have the thrills and excitement of the original. BUT. This is a low key fable. A telling of the Beauty and the Beast... A lovely score by John Barry, great photography and the debut of the greatest actress in American movies of the 80s: JESSICA LANGE. She demonstrated further abileties in FRANCES, THE COUNTRY, THE MUSIC BOX, TOOTSIE(Oscar Best Supporting Actress) and BLUE SKY(Oscar Best Actress). I really do hope that the 1976 version of KING KONG will find peace with some critics and I`m delighted that so many others here like it.

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