søndag 16. mars 2008


In the spring of 1996 I starred with the renowned Norwegian actor HELGE JORDAL in an episode from the sitcom MARTIN`S SPENNENDE REISE. It was called "Svart Katt" and enjoyed high ratings when it was screened during the Christmas season later that year... I played a sinister owner of a plant and even beat up Helge... The extras were suppose to apprehend me, but went a bit too far and planted some fists in my stomach and I fell to my knees behind the house and threw up hehe..... The director was no Ingmar Bergman and I stumbled with my lines becaus she insisted on me saying them quite unnatural... I argued and Helge helped me, but to no avail... On stage you can do whatever you damn please, but you have no authoroty in the cutting room... When I saw on TV, I almost threw up again - though friends and family quietly said nothing about it.... Needless to say; I didn`t get another job at NRK - but did make my own film, DET ER FAEN IKKE LETT in the year of 2000:-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX0SRZn2GiI

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