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TO BE OR NOT TO BE 1983 this...

is a remake of the 1942 starring Carole Lombard, Jack Benny and Robert Stack. And actually Anne Bancroft, Mel Brooks and Tim Matheson fill their shoes QUITE NICELY:-)))).... I bought the LP in 1983 but no friend would go with me to the film so I had to see it alone in the theatre. Because of that I was lukewarm to the picture at the time.... but not now.... Sad to say Mr Brooks uses stuff from THE PRODUCERS 1968(and repeated it in the 2005 musical film) and I`ve never been fan of the obvious.... But it stands as a good film and a Polish friend of me hehe - hates it - when I swear in Polish - but THIS film taught me to do so hehe.... The musical interludes are both charming and great.

The Pirate Movie

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GREAT ON THE CAMP SIDE, April 16, 2006

and helped by great orchestrations, Ted Hamilton, Maggie Kirkpatrick, the principal stars and the fact it dosn`t take itself seriously. There are obvious flaws(notably when Mabel is thrown into the water), but the enthusiasm is genuine... I took my girlfriend Monika to see this as a sweet 15 year old and that summer - the soundtrack of this film was "our" songs at the time hehehe...


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I THREW UP..., May 21, 2006
Henning Sebastian Jahre (Oslo, Norway) -

halfway through the picture when I saw it in the theatre in 1980, and it was NOT because of the movie. It shows us what MTV shortly would become - yup it`s a feature-video and skip any argument about plot etc... Enjoy it for the great musical production values, Gene Kelly, Olivia Newton-John and ELO:-)

King Kong (1976)

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This was the first film of KING KONG that I saw. I immediatly fell in love with it. Over the years I have been infuritated by critics who doesn`t seem to dare liking this film. They always compare it unfavourbly to the -33 classic. Right. It doesn`t have the thrills and excitement of the original. BUT. This is a low key fable. A telling of the Beauty and the Beast... A lovely score by John Barry, great photography and the debut of the greatest actress in American movies of the 80s: JESSICA LANGE. She demonstrated further abileties in FRANCES, THE COUNTRY, THE MUSIC BOX, TOOTSIE(Oscar Best Supporting Actress) and BLUE SKY(Oscar Best Actress). I really do hope that the 1976 version of KING KONG will find peace with some critics and I`m delighted that so many others here like it.
Tarzan the Ape Man


With KING KONG 76, and SONG OF NORWAY this film was dissected by critics. Yet I cannot help liking it. Like THE BLUE LAGOON 80 it has two beautiful stars(Miles O`Keeffe and Bo Derek), breathtaking photography and a good score. OK! So it i s slowmoving, but it u want an erotic Tarzan movie(who wouldn`t?) this I S the picture. Richard Harris is over-the-top at times and the film does scream for tighter editing. But on the whole; I reckemend it.

The Blue Lagoon (Special Edition)

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FANTASTIC, July 19, 2004

The film was dissected by most critics, but I have always enjoyed it. The stars; Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields shine in their youthful beauty and performances. The movie was banned in Oslo when it opened in 1980, but it played to full houses in the provinces. The docu on this DVD is good, but the sound is not on par with the movie.
I think the critics at the time was embaressed by its sensual frankness and therefor tried to "kill it". It was a huge hit though and still is a film you should see with your loved-one:-)


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I remember sitting through it in 1983 in the theatre with Mama and Grandmother. We all LOVED it. With Poppins, Maria and Gertrude; Julie`s Victor/Victoria is HER BEST effort on celluloid. Leslie Ann-Warren, James Garner, Robert Preston, Blake Edwards, Henry Mancini & Leslie Bricusse ALL excell in this comedy. It may be a trifle long and the Hercule Poirot-imitation unnecessary; but it really is the last of the GREAT MGM MUSICALS(although it was shot i England, released by MGM). The set-designs are a treasure 2 behold.

A Fish Called Wanda

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THE BEST COMEDY...., December 21, 2004

... of the 80s and ranks as an all-time high. My father has worn out several copies and luckily it`s on dvd now hehehe. Kevil Kline leads a stellar cast; I am giving flower-greetings to the entire cast and crew. Enough said.

Psycho II

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He`s back..., December 21, 2004

I remember sitting in a moviehouse November 1983 and we where ALL terrified! No, it isn`t Halloween... But it`s still great and in my opinon, superior to the 1960-film... 2day`s writers should learn by watching this film... Here the characters are introduced and the slowpaced narrative just builds a tension within us.... It`s a must-see.... Perkins is brilliant as Norman... he knows his character.... Vera Miles and Meg Tilly shines too....


Could easily have received, Se7en points hehehe, February 27, 2005

Because this is a landmark thriller. I remember sitting through it in a moviehouse in 1995 and it still hasn`t overstayed its welcome. The story, characters and its visual splendour arrests you immediatly and should be in every moviecollection in every household, `round the world.

E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (2-Disc Widescreen Limited Collector's Edition)

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THE BEST FROM THE 80s..., March 1, 2005

...but I refuse to watch the new "look" of the film. Please Mr Spielberg: U gave us a masterpiece, a classic. Every scene was a a classic, but u don`t mess with excellence... The old film of 1982 is not available in Norway any more, but I hope for the sake of future generations, that Mr Spielberg and his like DOES NOT TAMPER with old productions. What if Munch revived his painting "Scream" 20 years later and had a touch-up with better paint? What I remember is 1 of the most magical children`s film ever made with a splendid Henry Thomas in the lead. Please let us - THE PUBLIC - have the original back... It belongs to us, our memories and the future.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Criterion Collection Spine #55)

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Timeless, March 3, 2005

This film is by far one of the best ever produced: It`s erotic, humoures, sad, poetic and the protagonists are all interesting. Now, this is why many Europeans critizise American films.... They feel most productions from the US are stereotyped, all glam and over the top, while the European productions tend to move more straightforward into our human soul.... This film is one of those glorious occasions when film is high art and linked to the freespirited human soul.

Torch Song Trilogy

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1 of the Best Gay Films Ever, March 7, 2005

...thanks to a stellar cast. It`s sad, humourous, cynic... but all in all... It isn`t difficult to fall in love with the main characters or even understand the "villain"(read "mother"). To me it says: "Make your own happiness. U and u alone are responsable for your life. It`s all u got. Now go on and LIVE IT and don`t sulk!"

Superman - The Movie

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The credits and music are for starters out of this world. John Williams is at his peek(though much too close to the later theme of Indiana Jones for comfert). Even on vhs and now DVD, it`s a thrill when the opening starts. Superman gets the REAL treatment, it`s both serious, comic and actionfilled. This film really developes its characters. The entire cast and crew is magical; though the accident and later demise of Christopher Reeve brings sad thoughts to the mind... You really THOUGHT he was Superman, at least my generation did and still does:-) Every action film since owes much too much to this great movie. To my mind, only "The Hulk" 2003 and "Spider man 2" 2004 are of equal brilliance.

The Naked Gun - From the Files of Police Squad!

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PARODY AT ITS BEST, February 8, 2006

Leslie Nielsen was a wooden and dull leading man in films such as The Opposite Sex, Forbidden Planet(both 1956) and The Poseidon Adventure 1972. But in the 80s he revealed a stunning comic touch and no better than as Frank Drebin in THE NAKED GUN. The film is based on the tv-series and he is backed by great support from Priscilla Presley, George Kennedy and Ricardo Montalban. The film NEVER overstays its welcome and is a repeated pleasure:-)


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AN INSTANT CLASSIC, February 10, 2006

When I saw this in 1996 I didn`t expect much. To my mind, the genre itself has worn thin by then.... But thanks to an inventive brilliant script, direction and performances - it was a mindblower and still is... The constant references to other films and the combined forces of drama, suspense, comedy and slasher - AND THAT IT WORKS - makes THIS an unforgettable experience. It is one of the key films of the 90s.

Grease 2

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If memory serves me well..... a 5...., April 16, 2006

it doesn`t have the hit songs from the first 1, but delivers plenty in performances:-)))) To me it was great, I was just 15 when it was released and it was the all-time-teenage-film for me(with The Pirate Movie) - now - DON`T TEASE hehehehe.... Michelle Pfeiffer DOES look embaressed sometimes, but Maxwell Caulfield, Lorna Luft, Connie Stevens, Tab Hunter, Eve Arden and Adrian Zmed all excell in this 1.....


:-))), April 16, 2006

The all-time dating film:-))) U can`_t possibly miss with this - it never reaches for anything more than cheer fun - and in THAT department - it delivers plenty:-)

Space Jam

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Watch out Disney...., May 4, 2006

This is a Warner feature and is the best live-actionVERSUScartoon since Disney`s Mary Poppins 1964. Its brilliance in all departments is a treasure to behold. The timing is immaculate:-) A CLASSIC

The Fifth Element (Ultimate Edition)

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THIS HAS IT ALL..., May 4, 2006

... it has Bruce Willis heading a great cast, the ever struggle between good and evil, spectacular sets and costumes, gay humour and not the least Gary Oldman and the increadable Diva Dance.... It has an intelligent script and Luc Besson has borrowed the best inspirations from the American movietraditions....

For Your Eyes Only

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THE BEST BOND, May 21, 2006

This is the prototype of James Bond. The excitement is a treasure to behold and we get to see Sheena Easton perform the great titletune on the opening credits:-) My only complaint.... why didn`t they ever give Bo Derek a role in a James Bond


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The Temple of Doom... the best of the series, May 21, 2006

The 81 film is a build-up and the 1989-film showcases River Phoenix and Sean Connery to great advantage(River even performed his owns stunts...) But the best is "The Temple of Doom"...It borrows its premises from old cheap serials, but here it is given an all-stops-out production treatment and a great performance from the future Mrs Spielberg, Kate Capshaw. The opening number is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as well:-)))

A Chorus Line

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We didn`t get many musicals in the 80s..., May 21, 2006

but fortunately Richard Attenborough gave us this(a long way from Gandhi indeed)... It is a 80s treatment of the show, but the talent is a treasure to behold. The cast-director of CHICAGO should have seen this and put real musical-talent in the leads... The finale, One, brings tears to the eyes... IT`S A SHOWSTOPPER INDEED:-)))))))))))

The Lost Boys (Two-Disc Special Edition)

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Mmmmm the best teenage vampire flick ever...., May 22, 2006

...and definately a 5 within the genre. It boasts a stellar cast(Dianne Wiest among others) with several helpings from members of the Brat Pack(Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Haim) and Jason Patric. The visual design and the soundtrack are breathtaking(indeed my teenage friends - we called ourselves the Lost Boys hehehe) and THAT`S enough said.

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