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SAY IT WITH MUSIC(1940) Starring Sonja Henie & Fred Astaire

With Jean Hersholt, Ethel Merman & Cesar Romero.
This is a 1940 fake trailer! What if Sonja and Fred had made a Movie together? It was never to happen, but what a thought!

This drama-musical premiered on Friday, February 9, 1940. The part of Rolf is not seen, but his Pictures are by actor Richard Greene.


Norwegian iceskater Ella Brandth(Henie) is a huge success performing in a London show and Broadway producers Ken Jackson(Astaire) and Al O`Brien(Romero) take a trip by ship(Well Did You Evah? - Cole Porter) in order to engage her.

In London they meet her and her agent Albert(Hersholt) and see her perform Grieg`s Anitra`s Dance & In the Hall of the Mountain King. They bring her back and Ken serenades her on the ship(I`ve Got You Under My Skin - Cole Porter) when he realises her sweet nature.

Back in New York they all watch their current star Rose Dennis(Merman) perform Get Happy(Arlen & Koehler), but she is not happy when they decide to let her play Ella`s older sister in a forthcoming show.

Ella and Rose has a great success With Broadway Rhythm(Freed & Herb Brown)(icedance by Ella - sung by Rose) and the men both woo Ella.

First Al dances and sings at the opening night party With her(Baby It`s Cold Outside - Frank Loesser) - and late that night Ken sings Let`s Fall in Love(Arlen & Koehler) while driving With her in a horse drawn Carriage in the New York streets and Central Park.

She is hesitant and informs him that she has a Secret back in Norway which is overheard by Rose in the lobby when they arrive at the hotel.

Rose Places calls to Norway and soon get information. She invites them all to her New Nightclub spot and sings Stormy Weather(Arlen & Koehler) in a way that make them all uneasy. She joins the table and asks Ella how Rolf is doing...

Ella leaves the table in tears and Ken follow her. She explains that out of loyalty she cannot forget her trainer and friend who "gave her everything" and is back in Norway.

Ken comforts himself With drinks at a bar(Tempation - Freed & Herb Brown) and soon Al joins him. After some hours of drinks and self pity, they decide after some soul searching to bring Rolf over to the States...

Ken does a great Production number of The Last Time I Saw Paris(Kern & Hammerstein II) and Singin`in the Rain(Freed & Herb Brown) combined. Then he get the News that Rolf has become active as a nazi official in Germany and decides to drop the subject.

Ella misses Rolf and depression sets in. Ken has a chat With Albert about the matter who reveals that he has known about Rolf and has taken great pains in hiding the truth for Ella.

One day Ella is alone in her suite and walks over to Albert to have a talk... His room is empty, but a locker is up and she takes a quick glance over his personal papers... As she is about to lock the drawer in guilt, she comes over clippings of Rolf that Albert has kept...

She runs out in the streets and Ken has a quick glance of her.... He runs after and she cries in his arms.... She reveals what she has found out, but he says "Baby... we all knew it... we wanted to keep it from you...."

She dries her tears...and finally says "I don`t wanna go back... I`d rather stay With you....." He answers "will you love" and they walk silently away in the dark New York streets.

A year later they have a great success With Give My Regards to Broadway(George M Cohan) in which they both perform and she surprises him in the reprise by taking off her skates and Dance With him....

Richard Greene in an uncredited role as Rolf

With Jean Hersholt


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